Bakeey 60W PD3.0 Wireless Charging Power Bank

$67.60 $62.40

Bakeey 60W PD3.0 Wireless Charging Power Bank is good for smartphones and smartwatches that supports wireless charging feature. It’s 20,000mAh battery capacity gives it enough juice which you can use to power your smartphone or other devices up for full charging.



1.Support PD 60W maximum output.
2.Support multi-device synchronous quick charge with multiple output.
3.You can charge your devices while charging your power bank.
4.Support LED digital display, emergency light and CH low current charging mode.
5.Compatible with Smart Phone, Smart Watch and Notebook.Descriptions:
Input 1 (Type-C PD3.0): 5V3A/9V 3A/15V 3A/20V 2.25A 45W
Input 2 (Lighting Port): 5V 2A
Output 1 (Type-C PD3.0): 5V3A/9V 3A/15V 3A/20V 3A 60W
Output 2 (USB-A QC3.0): 5V 2.4A/3.6V~12V 2A 24W
Output 3 (Qi Wireless Charging): 10W Max
Total Output: 60W Max
Battery Capacity: 3.6V 72Wh 2000mAh
Weight: 480g
Size: 162.7*76.6*30 mm

POWER Charging Port PD Output
50% ~ 100% Only PD 60W
PD + Wireless Charging 45W
30% ~ 50% Only PD 45W
PD + Wireless Charging 30W
0% ~ 30% Only PD 27W
PD + Wireless Charging 15W