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Best Smartphones in 2023 so far

We highlighted a list of the best smartphones you can get in the year 2023 so far

By Ret SILO 39 Min Read

Huawei had a horrible 2022 but what’s left for the brand in 2023?

After the Chinese company got axed by the US government for creating backdoors for the Chinese government, things have taken

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

I still don’t know why the QCY T13 Bluetooth earbuds are so affordable

While being affordable, it offers a great deal of customization from its controls to its equalizers via its bundled mobile

By Ret SILO 17 Min Read

You want to get the Dynamic Island feature on your Android smartphone right? Here’s how to do it

Just in case you're so envious of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and want one on your

By Ret SILO 11 Min Read

Google Pixel 7 Pro is a really useful smartphone for anyone that loves to take pictures

Comes loaded with improved camera features and better hardware to capture every moment in the most professional-looking way as well

By Ret SILO 20 Min Read

A number of users are complaining that their Pixel Buds Pro can no longer summon “Hey Google”

Users are complaining that each time they try to call their Google Assistant, the request just fails with an error

By Ret SILO 3 Min Read

Here’s how to install the GCam camera software for your Nothing Phone 1

The GCam is certainly an interesting photo app that enhances the output of your camera photos

By Ret SILO 4 Min Read

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro receives a new software update

The device was released a couple of months ago with some cooler upgrades from the previous model

By Ret SILO 1 Min Read

Here are the top 6 free Google Chrome VPN extensions to keep your data private

Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to these great and free

By Ret SILO 17 Min Read

Huawei Mate 50 Pro is finally here and all I can say is “Meh” for now

While the Huawei brand itself is currently on the decline in terms of market share, the Mate 50 Pro is

By Ret SILO 18 Min Read

Starting from 2023, you’ll be required to operate your Fitbit device with your Google Account

Google is incorporating Fitbit into its system and will require you to move all your data into your Google Account

By Ret SILO 2 Min Read

Adobe will buy Figma for US$20 billion both in cash and in stock options

Adobe which has its own product design tool called Adobe XD has been overtaken by Figma in recent times with

By Ret SILO 3 Min Read


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