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The unboxing of the Red Hydrogen One Houdini edition

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Red is known for it’s prowess in the photography industry and it’s venture into the mobile market might mean the same for those looking for a device powerful enough for photographic tasks.

Although expensive in the range of $1200 which might not be buyers friendly for everyone that wished to own one, it’s a great piece of technology to have especially for those that want a device for photography.

Although Red had announced last month August that the Red Hydrogen One device will likely not be launched as earlier planned this summer. Rather, the device will debut at the AT&T and Verizon on the 2nd of November later this year.

If you’ve pre-ordered the device, you will get yours earlier on next month October 9th as explained by thge company last month. Some were able to trade in their pre-order release model for a production sample (Houdini) which has the pre-release firmware and software.

The device was kicked off at the Red Studios Hollywood on August while Youtuber Marques Brownlee got one of the device. While being a very limited device with only 300 of the Houdini models being made (Brownlee’s own being number eight)., the unboxing of the device was cool.

The device also comes with a complementary 128GB MicroSD card and some extended warranty, a Red Medallion and then the device itself.

While there isn’t any official review of the device yet, Brownlee touched the specifications of the device. While it appeared that Red is discouraging people from reviewing their device (probably scared of bad reviews) we hope to get our hands on one of the device and then see for ourselves.