The U$700 Apple Mac Pro Wheel can serve other purposes after all

Posted on: 07/28/2020
Posted by: Bree Tyller

The Apple Mac Pro Wheels was released recently to accompany the grater-designed powerful computer which itself cost a fortune. Wheels on the other hand costs about US$700 and has caused many people all over the internet to wonder Apple’s money-making schemes at the detriment of its consumers but that’s just the public murmuring because the Mac Pro itself isn’t meant for the general public in the first place so are the wheels.
But anyway, a YouTuber probably felt the wheels could be more useful than just moving the Mac Pro from one place to the other and so he added it up to his skateboard…yeah, skateboard!

This is’t the first time a YouTuber will try to be creative with the Apple Wheels though as UnBox Therapy has tried this as well but failed miserably…ooops!
On paper, it sounds like a really good idea, because what can really go wrong when you mount a set of wheels that costs 4-times more than a good skateboard deck? Well, as you can see in the video above, the multi-directional wheels pose an issue when trying to even go down a ramp, much less perform tricks, like a kickflip. So it’s just another bad idea afterwards.



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