Jokes apart, these smartphones are very expensive and are all the high end devices from their makers. That is why we bring them all together not for a unity but for a competition on which one has the better camera. Considering the iPhone XS Max being the most expensive and the largest among these group of awesome smartphones, one thing about them all is that they all have the same powerful screen resolution which makes photographs awesome when they’re taken using these devices.

While there are tonnes of devices out there this year 2018, these four are definitely the best we’ve seen among all other best smartphones all having it’s own unique design and selling point. For example, we’ve always known the Samsung Galaxy Note series with the Stylus pen and this year’s Note 9 is an amazing upgrade with lots of features which makes the Stylus pen more useful than a mere touchscreen stick.

During the test of which of these smartphones (iPhone XS Max, Note 9, Mate Pro 20 and Pixel 3) all performed well but I can’t say which one is better than which. They all performed well and proved their points being expensive smartphones in the $1K range.

Camera specs compared

Apple iPhone XS Max

Google Pixel 3

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In all the tests involving each of the cameras, we used automatic mode to see how each of their respective processors translated that data into a photo. In low light, when the conditions warranted it, we used Night Mode on the phones that had it.

Watch, enjoy and let us know which you think produced the best images.


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