You can either love the Tesla Cybertruck or hate it

The Tesla Cybertruck’s base price is just $39,900 and would get as high as $69,900 for the high-end model. Tesla really took an entirely different dimension this time around with the design of the truck making it look really different and unusual. Many have shown interest and or distaste in the car making it one of the most polarizing EV trucks out there.

This decision must have been taken because of how well saturated the SUV/Truck industry is. Considering the massive success of the Ford F-150, and even the likes of Rivian R1T which also looked like a traditional vehicle, the Cybertruck needed to distant itself and maintain an identity that will be known for ages. You either like it or not and that will be it’s sales point.

With different options such as the solar charging, the vehicle’s sale could increase over time with more than 140 thousand preorders already in just 48 hours after it’s announcement. The car will ship by the year 2021.

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