Nearly every Android smartphone maker now have their smartphones notched. Notches are the top cut out of the screen to house the device’s cameras, ambient sensors and earpiece. While those are necessary feature every devices should have, the fact that many device makers have decided to turn to notched designs to make their device appear premium might be just an exaggeration which some Android lovers really dislike.

While companies like LG offers you an alternative to turn off the notch, others don’t even have their device’s screen optimized for the so-called notch display. This way, getting notifications becomes serious problem. Not a problem though but for those of you who are already used to getting your notification icons shown to you right at the top of your device might find it difficult knowing whether you have a notification or not because you would most likely not see any notification until you swipe the device down.

While that might be a really boring and long journey, there seems to be little we all can do in 2018 as far as the notch bandwagon is concerned because nearly every Android device makers are jumping to the Apple’s iPhone X ship something Google itself did with it’s new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

But well, we have listed out the top devices that uses notches in 2018 for those of you that are already in love with the notch design already so that you can be able to identify which is your choice and would love to purchase them. But mind you, notches doesn’t necessarily meant that the device would be extremely awesome in it’s entirety. Even the almighty LG G7 ThinQ has it’s own pitfalls.

LG G7 ThinQ notch display
LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ

Starting on the list is the LG G7 Thinq. I’d always call this the most underrated smartphone. And thanks to Samsung and the so-called iPhone XS. LG G7 doesn’t seems to matter so much so far as those devices are on the market.
And they even killed themselves with the notch… If that sounds horrible, well yes it does because the LG G7 ThinQ is just another smartphone in the pool of other notched Android smartphones.

While that might not be so much to worry about and even the ability to opt out of the notch from within the display might still be a good thing just that it’s not as fluid as it sounds because some applications are very adamant and won’t listen to the notch being turned off.

While there is a high-end LG the LG V30 which looks look like the LG ThinQ in its utilisation of the notch but with 3 cameras at its back, we can really see where LG is heading in its device making.

And the most interesting is that this device is lot cheaper than the IPhone X and Co (XS, XR, & XS Max) and even the Samsung Galaxy S9. But we’ll be glad if the notch can be much smaller or at least can we just let the notch design be substituted for something more creative like The Oppo Find X.


Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Some of us were disappointed when we saw the notch on the new Google Pixel. While there is nothing wrong with Google joining the notch bandwagon. After all, it makes their device appear more “appealing” and premium.
One problem is that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl both have somewhat large notches which Samsung even trolled them over.
The device on the other hand is flat and well built making it more adorable at least from the back.
Even though it features a single rear camera, it’s lot powerful than some with dual camera lenses.
Glass back also makes the device to support wireless charging. Very cool.

Huawei P20
Huawei P20

Huawei P20

All the Huawei P20s like P20 Pro, P20 lite all appear the same because they all have Notches.
While Huawei is known for making great looking smartphone with premium features such as great screens, it’s Kirin CPU and incredibly camera lenses, they fulfilled those expectations with their new device; the new Huawei P20.
Although the notch might be a turn off to some, it’s nearly like a blessing as well as a curse. While almost all Android devices released in 2018 have all jumped ship, then what more would make the Huawei P20 to appear even more appealing.

Well, their innovations wasn’t that limited.
The coloring patterns behind the glass back of the device makes it even. More appealing to anyone looking for something different from those black glossy finish as seen in other android smartphones.
If we’re to exclude the notch as a feature, we’ll say the device has a torn of them in stocks and that is very cool.

Essential Phone PH1
Essential phone

Essential Phone

When we were told that Andy Rubin, the guy that cofounded Android, Inc. had decided to launch his own smartphone company, we all thought it was going to be a great challenger that even Google will fear.
But well, the Essential Phone didn’t do much to impress. While it’s beautiful and eye-catching, it’s still worth noting it’s errors which are very glaring to some respects.

And while it’s still have some big piles of features in stock, the device notwithstanding is very beautiful especially with its notch. While it’s notch isn’t that oblivious like the rest in this list, the device is still worth the attention and the fact that the creator of the company created Android, yeah that should make some headlines too.

Anyway, the Essential Phone is great especially if you want to try something entirely new and different form Samsung and LG.

Vivo V9
Vivo V9

Vivo V9

The new Vivo V9 is a really tough Chinese contender in the Android smartphone market this year making amazing smartphones worth buying and the Vivo V9 is really great one.

Just imagine the build quality and the specs and Comparing that to the pricing we can say this is a really great option for those that wants something in the realms of the expensive flagships but with bigger price cuts.

And the fact that the Vivo v9 comes with a dual rear cameras is nothing new again because even cheapest Chinese smartphone now offer dual camera lenses. Google Pixel 3 surprised us this time.

Aside that, you still have access to the stock Android 8 and better speed considering the device’s RAM and storage in combination with its CPU. Notched display is still another thing here and it’s another cool replica in the notch bandwagon.

Pocofone F1
Pocofone F1

Pocofone F1

Huawei sort of created a mini brand of itself the Honor. Xiaomi did the same with the Pocofone.
And its a very great Android smartphone.

Its in fact going really crazy in the media this days. Although we’ve not gotten one here at Brumpost, we hope to lay our hands on one this coming weeks to review it for you guys.

But the device seems nice considering its huge pile of features like the system on chip. It’s camera and screen.
While some people might not be a fan of the LCD IPS touch panel, the diaplay’s overall is really killing it.
Nice and great looking to the maximal extent.

The device’s batter might not be extremely great like LG G7 ThinQ but believe me when I say a $299 worth smartphone is a big contender against the so called $999.

Well Pocofone decided to still opt for the notch display. Well its because they felt it would make the device stand in within the realms of Android smartphone using the top notch cut out. And either you hate it or love it, the notch sort of make your device cool and those old big bezels are just boring and not cool anymore.

Oneplus 6

Oneplus 6

Back when Oneplus created its first Android smartphone…. We were all awed and it was like China is really killing it in the Android mobile market.
And ever since its first device’s launch, Oneplus had become a household name in the industry selling high end smartphones to consumers all around the world and that’s cool.

Aside the fact that Oneplus devices had always looked amazing, the fact that the new Oneplus 6 smartphone has all those beautiful curves and even a notch makes the devices very appealing….

Anyways the notch isn’t the only thing that makes it very great looking after all, its not even unique in all sense of front feature with lots of other Android smartphone looking the same. Its got this nice dual camera and beautiful display.

Well it’s all worth it because of how much we’d be paying for this thing. Plus you can opt out of notch if you so much dislike it like me…. Oh did I admit that.

Umidigi z2 pro

UMidigi Z2

Umi became UMidigi for those of you who’ve been familiar with the older name in the past.
Another big Chinese brand known for “cheapy cheapy” okay let’s be serious. The UMidigi Z2 is a really nice smartphone. Powered by stock Android which means no bullshit bloatware of any kind. Its a really smooth device with nice features.

Don’t forget it’s dual or trio colored back enclosed in a gorilla glass 3 for wireless charging. The UMidigi Z2 pro doesn’t have a headphone jack… That would be a big turn off to some but it does support a USB type C.
The real thing is the notched 6.2 display. It’s very large and it’s very beautiful. A really nice IPS panel with multiple touch support. But I would come against lies. Yeah lies.

First, the bezels on the device seems very tiny or nearly invisible when you see the promotion picture of the device but when you see the UMidigi Z2 in reality, you’d be awed at how visible the bezels are. We’re preparing the review of the UMidigi Z2 and will be released in coming weeks.

The second lie is the quad cameras. The secondary cameras both at the back and the front of the device seems not to be functional. That’s little but we’ll debunk those myth later in coming weeks when we publish our review of the UMidigi Z2.

Nokia X6
Nokia X6

Nokia X6

Nope! Not the same old symbian you were familiar with in the olden days. Nah. Nokia had even dropped off its Windows obsession and joined the Notch bandwagon, Nokia X6 is a really beautiful Android smartphone.
To me, Nokia is really coming back again.

And for a very cheap pricing, Nokia X6 provides you with all those premium features you’d get on other high end smartphones like and LG. Yeah.

Dual cameras and a powerful Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. Phew.
This is sort of like a comeback for Nokia which is near its grave already.

The device also feature a really nice design and glass finish at its back. Very nice when held and bold. It’s very premium in its look and feel and the placing of its fingerprint scanner is amazing.

The notch on the 5.8 inch display is very cool and appealing. You should really consider this device if you want something faster and better for phone.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8

Xiaoma is really crazy with lots of innovative smartphone designs and features this year 2018. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is just one of those.
Notched? Of course yes. The device also feature a really cool display and fast processor. Expandable storage and dual SIM support is just little of the things you’ll be getting from this smartphone.

Although Xiaomi is really innovative and won’t jeopardise that fact, the notched Mi 8 shouldn’t be a turn off when thinking about the design specs and expectations from the Chinese giant.

Ulefone T3
Ulefone T3

Ulefone T3

The Ulefone T3 is one of those small chunk of Android smartphone that comes with an extremely thin bezels and nice shaped edges.
It’s one of those beautiful Android smartphone you’ll be holding and people will ask you what device you’re holding.
It’s really nice and cool.
While it’s very large (6.7 inch notched display) the Ulefone T3 is a Cheap Android smartphone you should just consider if you’d like to use a very large Android smartphone.
Although there is even a much bigger Android smartphone the Xiaomi Max 3 featuring a huge 6.9 inch display but sans notch.

Elephone A4
Elephone A4

Elephone A4

If you place this device beside the iPhone X, there is sincerely little to no difference in terms of the build quality. The firm glass back of the Elephone A4 is amazing and cool. But that’s all its got.

Android 8 comes packed up within the 5.86 inch device and there’s a lot going on here.
There is just one camera and hey if you’re wondering, this is a really cheap Android smartphone. Way cheaper than you might think around $150.

Even the screen isn’t optimized for the notched display. Which means the battery and the date usually get nearly cut off inside the notch. Not a good thing.
The screen is very cool and nice and considering the price, you shouldn’t ask too much okay.


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Asus Zenfone 5

Another device fresh in the Android notch market is the Asus Zenfone 5. A really smart device with a hots of physical specifications. Apart from the notch at the top of the screen, the Asus Zenfone 5 also has Android as it’s back end software. Yeah. Well, that might not be a great feature to mention but believe me when I say the device really slays.

Even not as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy S9 but it’s big enough to fit into the categorization. It’s a really beautiful smartphone with torns of features.

Dual camera that enhances photo shooting and yeah it supports AI Cam. While that’s already a general phenomenon in the Android market already, the Zenfone 5 is a really contender for the best Android smartphone in 2018.

It’s Notched Android or never

With lots of bezeless and notched Android smartphone in the market this year, its like the end had finally come to bezles eventually.
Even Oppo Find X seems to be the next generation innovation having no bezels at all. Camera… Yeah it appears whenever you need it at the top of the phone and disappear when you’re done using it.
The notch is a trend at the moment and its probably going to be here for a while before being eradicated for a screen only device in the near future.
Notches are cool and it gives rooms to device screen usage because your device won’t have to share the same real estate with the notifications bar which is shifted to reside right at the top of the device. Its like a gift and a curse.

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