YouTube Premium Subscribers Get Enhanced 1080p Option

YouTube's Premium subscribers now enjoy enhanced 1080p resolution with higher bitrate for superior video quality.

By Simbi

A Guide to Terminating Your YouTube TV Subscription

Even though the current global economic state is quite dire, YouTube isn't helping with its latest…

YouTube Rewind is gone for good

YouTube says contents uploaded on the platform has gotten so much to the point it can't…

How to watch YouTube in Picture-in-Picture for Windows 10 users

Allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos without staying glued to the YouTube website

By Ahmed

This is how to cancel your YouTube premium subscription

YouTube is free but the experience is completely ridden with advertisements which can be annoying and…

By Ahmed

Facebook introducing Music videos an attempt to take you away from YouTube

Facebook is devising a new strategy to help it gain more user base while lure users…

By Simbi

YouTube Smart Reply is meant to help creators spend less time commenting

YouTube is now attempting to make it's platform much more interesting as the company hopes to…

By Simbi

You might loose your YouTube Verification badge due to new changes

There have been a new development on how accounts and channels are verified on YouTube. The…

By Simbi
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