Microsoft partners with HowLongToBeat while also enhancing the load time of the Xbox app for Windows platform

With HowLongToBeat, users can now see reviews about a selected game, how long it will take

Microsoft testing a new Xbox Home UI that is expected to be launched by 2023

While testing is expected to commence in the coming months, some users still feel the new

Microsoft announces the price for XBox Series S and Series X, what’s next for Sony’s PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is yet to get a price tag while it's close rival already shown

XBox Series S release date, price and specifications

Eventually this year, we'll be getting the Xbox Series X which had been in the news

XBox Series S will cost about US$299

Latest about the XBox Series S according to revelations from the YouTuber Brad Sams on Monday

The console battle might be creeping in by the bit

Just in a matter of time, two of the biggest consoles will be out and then

Project xCloud coming to UK, US and South Korea

Project xCloud which is a gaming service on xBox is said to be rolled out in

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