The new Razer Barracuda Pro offers solid audio output at US$250

Targeted at gamers but not exactly designed with gamers in mind thanks to its minimalistic approach

By Ahmed

Razer Opus offers a long-lasting battery and ANC

Great audio experience with ANC making it good for an average consumer who just want to

By Ahmed

Razer’s Project Hazel Turned the N95 Face Mask into a Fancy Sci-Fi Game-oriented mask

Interesting design with great technology while many ask if it'll be relevant in 2021.

By Ahmed

Razer announces an edible chewing gum for gamers

Razer, the gaming PC manufacturer has added an interesting product to it's portfolio but this time

Razer to distribute face masks in Singapore using specialized vending machine

In order to help in the battle up against the Coronavirus pandemic Razer created a division

Razer CEO believes COVID-19 will change Sports and Entertainment forever

Entertainment avenues have now gone online more than before all due to the Coronavirus pandemic because

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