Nothing Phone (2) offer some great and fascinating features out of the box

Discover the Nothing Phone 2 with its impressive Glyph Interface and intuitive Nothing OS 2.0.

By Ahmed

Nothing OS 2.0.1: A Game-Changing Update for the Nothing Phone (2)

Discover the latest update for Nothing Phone (2) - Nothing OS 2.0.1 brings new features, camera

By Ahmed

A brief look at the intricacies of the next-gen Nothing Phone 2

Discover the awe-inspiring features of the Nothing Phone (2), including the groundbreaking Glyph LED interface and

New info on the Nothing Phone (2) that certifies it as the true “flagship Killer”

A concept video showed the device will sport high-end features but will potentially start at a

Did Qualcomm exec just leak a key spec of the next-gen Nothing Phone (2)?

The exec via a LinkedIn post note the exact chipset that will be used to power

Here’s how to install the GCam camera software for your Nothing Phone 1

The GCam is certainly an interesting photo app that enhances the output of your camera photos

By Ahmed

Nothing Phone 1 has made six-figure sales in India after just 2 months in the region

The Phone 1 is reported to have made over 100,000 sales in the highly-competitive Indian smartphone

Nothing Phone 1 gets another software update in less than a month

The new update gets you the July 2022 security patch with a number of bug fixes

Nothing Phone 1 vs Motorola Edge 30: Battle of the Mid-rangers

Both devices surely have their pros and cons but I'd rather pick the unique-looking Nothing Phone

Nothing Phone could debut as early as 2022 according to reports

While this isn't official, there have been numerous pointers that signals this to be the route

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