Intel’s Remarkable Turnaround Sees a Surprising 9% Stock Surge

Intel's stock soars, igniting chip stocks, CEO Gelsinger's ambitious vision, and strong Q4 forecast redefine the

Intel Surges 7% as Strong Quarterly Report Signals Turnaround in Fortunes

Intel's surprising Q2 profits indicate a potential end to the PC market slump, driving a 7%

Intel and Qualcomm CEOs to Visit Washington for Talks on China Policy

Top executives from Intel and Qualcomm plan to meet U.S. officials in Washington to discuss market

Intel to invest US$7B to build chip packaging factories in Asia

The aim is to further its course and increade its reach in Asia with plans to

Intel CEO believes the chipmaker will reattract Apple by making better chips

The CEO believes despite issues his company has had in the past, it can still compete

US wants chipmaker to start manufacturing in the country

According to report from The Wall Street Journal, the US President Donald Trump's administration held a

By Ahmed

Apple plans to start using its own chip in Mac computers by 2021

By the year 2021, Apple is reported to start selling Mac computers powered by its own

Intel fires at Qualcomm calling it suppressive and uncompetitive

Apple and Intel accuses Qualcomm of overcharging and anti-competitive

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