Human Science

Scientists use facial reconstructions a lot to bring back ancient humans but are they accurate?

Unveiling history's faces: DNA-enhanced facial reconstructions bring ancient figures to life with precision.

Rediscovered 2000-year-old Ancient Roman Sandal Sheds Light on Lucus Asturum

Archaeologists unearth a beautifully crafted Roman sandal, revealing insights into Lucus Asturum's prosperous past.

Neanderthals and Modern Humans have been making love far earlier than previously thought

New research reveals Neanderthals and modern humans interbred 250,000 years ago, reshaping our understanding of ancient

Revolutionizing Disease Detection: CZ Biohub NY and Its Quest for Early Diagnosis

CZ Biohub NY's partnership with top universities aims to engineer immune cells for early disease detection.

WHO declares the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency

This will be the latest to be declared a PHEIC by the organization after the 2020

New Peloton Heart Rate Armband is here to help you exercise better

Unlike the previous chest strap that requires precision, the new armband works with several workout equiment

South Korea is inventing a sensor that measures bus drivers’ brainwaves to prevent accidents

Provincial authorities of Gyeonggi and Hyundai Mobis are championing the Safer Public Bus campaign by creating

Young Chinese couples are refusing to have babies despite a change in child policy

The government is said to be planning some economic reformation which will in turn encourage couples

Virtual Reality helped this parents to understand the outcome of their child’s surgical procedure

Archie is a six-month-old boy with a birth defect called Sagittal Synostosis that will cause a

Philips to recall ventilators and sleep Apnea machines over severe health risk

The dampening technology on these machines can quickly degrade and start emitting toxic particles to the

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