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Logitech G Cloud is the company’s response to handheld cloud gaming

The device comes bundled with AndroidOS and some Google Mobile services including

By Metti Misswyambwe 4 Min Read

ROG Phone 6 Pro Now Available for pre-order in North America

The gaming smartphone is back again with everything extreme about it and

By Phils Carlque 3 Min Read

Microsoft testing a new Xbox Home UI that is expected to be launched by 2023

While testing is expected to commence in the coming months, some users

By Metti Misswyambwe 4 Min Read

Microsoft knows that there’s a severe shortage of the Xbox wireless controllers out there

Meaning anyone with a working controller should keep them safe as shortage

By Bola Adetona 2 Min Read

Rockstar Games says GTA 6 is currently under active development

Being one of the most successful game franchise in the industry, many

By Simbi 2 Min Read


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