Electric Cars

Tesla Cybertruck Unveils Delivery Date Amid High Anticipation

Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck is set to hit the roads on November 30th at the Austin Gigafactory.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning sports a huge 320-mile range and some cool techs

Ford's F-150 Lightning Flash: a tech-forward electric pickup with BlueCruise and impressive range. Order yours in

China Accelerates Innovation in Smart Vehicle Sector to Lead Global Industry by 2025

China's drive for smart vehicle leadership includes forming innovation consortia and fast-tracking autonomous driving standards.

Tesla Mulls Factory in Turkey After Erdogan’s Invite: Musk Discusses AI and Starlink Collaboration

Turkish President invites Elon Musk to build a Tesla factory while discussing AI and SpaceX's Starlink

Chinese Battery Giant Gotion Invests $2 Billion in Illinois Gigafactory, Creating 2,600 Jobs and Green Energy Hub

Gotion High-Tech's $2 billion gigafactory in Illinois promises green energy solutions and a significant job boost.

Chinese Automaker BYD Expands Through $2.2 Billion Electronics Business Deal

Chinese automaker BYD acquires Jabil's mobile electronics manufacturing, boosting portfolio and competitiveness in the industry

Tesla Cybertruck: New Pricing Alert and Release Updates – What You Need to Know

Get the latest scoop on Tesla Cybertruck's pricing update and release progress after four years.

Chinese Electric Vehicle Makers Navigate Challenges in Entering the European Market

Chinese EV manufacturers face hurdles and opportunities as they expand into Europe's competitive market.

Tesla Launches Affordable Standard Range Model S and Model X in the US

The two budget-friendly Model S and Model X variants will help the brand navigate competition and

Tesla Model Y Crash Spurs NHTSA Probe: Advanced Driver Assistance Scrutinized After Fatal Collision

Tesla Model Y collision prompts NHTSA investigation into advanced driver assistance system following tragic fatality.

Hozon Auto’s Neta EVs to Enter Indonesian Market, Local Production Set for 2024

Hozon Auto aims to introduce Neta-branded EVs in Indonesia and plans local production by 2024

Lucid Slashes Prices on Air Luxury Sedans Amidst Fierce U.S. EV Industry Competition

Lucid, the EV manufacturer, cuts Air sedan prices due to intense competition with Tesla, facing market

China continues to dominate as an Electric car market with BYD leading the race

China leads the global electric vehicle market, BYD shines, and Tesla's Model Y reigns in June

Fisker Unveils Dizzying Array of EV Prototypes, Taking Reservations for Future Vehicles

Fisker wows investors and media with an impressive lineup of electric vehicle prototypes, including a luxury

Electric Vehicle Startups Face Tesla’s Impact as Funding Drought Intensifies

U.S. EV startups brace for Tesla's price war aftermath, battling cash struggles amid funding challenges.

Tesla Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged False EV Range Advertising

California-based Tesla owners sue the company for falsely advertising electric vehicle driving ranges, seeking damages.

Renault Takes on Chinese Electric Car Invasion in Europe by Slashing Production Costs

Renault aims to reduce electric model production costs by 40% to fend off Chinese carmakers' competition.

California’s Electrification Trend Surges: Over 40% Growth in Plug-in Electric Car Sales

California leads with 40% growth in plug-in electric car sales, Tesla secures 67% market share.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Enters Production in Texas After Delays

Tesla announces the completion of its first Cybertruck at the Austin plant, following a two-year delay.

BYD debut Denza N7 a Smart Luxury Hunting SUV

Discover the highly anticipated Denza N7 SUV, redefining luxury with advanced technology, stunning design, and exceptional

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