Blue Origin

William Shatner makes history as the oldest human to ever be in space

He made the record after Blue Origin's New Shephard rocket successfully landed on Wednesday after a…

90-year-old Star Trek star William Shatner will join the next Blue Origin flight to space

Shatner will become the world's oldest person in space after the trip with the current record…

This Blue Origin’s rocket replica can fly to about 400 feet and cost just US$70

It's just the rocket with no miniature Jeff Bezos onboard

Jeff Bezos is back to Earth after his short trip to space

The success further cements space tourism for those that can afford it

Jeff Bezos will be going to space today aboard Blue Origin’s crewed capsule

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos is flying to space Tuesday aboard the Blue…

NASA delays its Moon Lander awards as President focuses more on National issues

The new administration is working towards more pressing issues at the moment such as climate change…

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos shares a short video of the rocket that’ll send the first woman to the moon

The space continues and with several companies coming onboard with the mission of colonizing our neighboring…

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