Artificial Intelligence

Meta will no longer allow politicians to use its Generative ad AI tools

Meta's restriction on AI in political ads raises concerns, reshaping the landscape of social media advertising.

By Simbi

Elon Musk’s xAI unveils Grok AI which he claims to be the most advanced GPT

Grok AI is the newest addition to the "X" suite of applications as the Tesla CEO

Germany’s Workforce Evolution: Embracing Automation Amid Labor Shortages

Germany's labor market responds to shortages by automating operations, from small businesses to industrial giants.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series will be your ultimate AI companion

Samsung's Galaxy S24 series aims to top Google's AI game, promising smarter features, faster performance, and

Riley Reid Clona.AI: Where AI and Adult Entertainment Create Digital Intimacy

Riley Reid pioneers Clona.AI, blending AI and adult entertainment for intimate, user-respected digital experiences.

By Simbi

Revolutionary Chinese Firefighting Drones: Transforming Emergency Response

China's advanced drone system is redefining firefighting with speed, precision, and life-saving innovations.

Japan’s Real-Life ‘Gundam’ Robot will cost $3M

Meet ARCHAX, a $3 million giant robot inspired by Gundam, created by a visionary blending Japan's

Enhanced ChatGPT Feature: Personalize AI Responses with Custom Instructions for Tailored Interactions

Discover how OpenAI's ChatGPT now empowers users to personalize AI interactions using Custom Instructions for tailored

U.S. Launches $20 Million Cyber Contest to Harness AI Against Growing Malicious Technology Exploitation

U.S. White House initiates a multimillion-dollar cyber competition to counter hackers' AI-driven attacks on government infrastructure.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI: Expanding Accessibility, Features, and Conversational Power

Microsoft announces broader access for Bing Chat AI, enabling third-party browsers, multimodal search, and enhanced conversation

Zoom Updates Terms of Service: AI Training Now Requires Customer Consent

Zoom responds to criticism over AI training on customer data by updating terms to mandate customer

The Dual Potential of AI: Prosperity or Inequality? A Historical Perspective and Future Implications

Explore the historical impact of technological advances, AI's potential for prosperity, and concerns about inequality in

By Ahmed

OpenAI Unveils Enhanced ChatGPT: New Features, GPT-4 Default Model, and More

OpenAI introduces game-changing updates to ChatGPT, featuring prompt examples, suggested replies, GPT-4 as the default model,

The Impact of AI on the Workforce: Industries at Risk and Benefitting from AI Assistance

Learn which industries face AI disruption and how workers perceive its impact on their jobs.

Elon Musk’s Mysterious Move: Now Redirects to – What’s the Story Behind?

Elon Musk's takeover of, redirecting to, sparks speculation over motive and intentions.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Android App: Expanding Accessibility of Conversational AI

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Android app, making conversational AI more accessible and user-friendly for Android users.

Microsoft Beats Estimates with AI-Powered Cloud Revenue | Q4 Results 2023

Microsoft surpasses Wall Street expectations in Q4, driven by AI technology boosting cloud revenue.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat Now Available on Chrome and Safari: Exciting Updates and Dark Mode Included

Microsoft's Bing Chat expands to Chrome and Safari, offering exciting features and a stylish dark mode.

AI Giants Commit to Safer Technology: President Biden Praises Promising Step

Leading AI companies pledge to implement safety measures, earning President Biden's approval for safeguarding democracy.

By Simbi

ChatGPT Android version coming soon

OpenAI unveils ChatGPT for Android, combating counterfeit apps, offering personalized instructions, and Bing integration.

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