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When it comes to luxury car brands, Mazda might not be the first name that comes to the mind but the Japanese multi-national car maker is a big name in the mid-range and affordable car market and one of its newest product the Mazda 3 Turbo is on to push the limit in the competitive market thanks to the better enhancements and better build quality that gives the car a better overview in general and enhanced performances which is really essential.

One of its close rivals which would be the German automaker’s newest mid-ranger which is the Audi A4 which when compared right next to one another, the former did showed its prowess.

A little background on the comparison is based on a short overview done by the media outlet Car and Driver which tested both cars to show how well they stack up against one another especially as far as 2021 is concerned in technology, overall performance and fuel economy and other necessary things consumers might consider before throwing in their top dollars to either cars.

Why Mazda3 Turbo is labelled “Luxurious”

A photo of the Mazda3 outdoors.
Mazda3 Sedan | Mazda

The newest and most interesting upgrade of the Mazda3 is the Turbo model which sports an incredible potent powertrain thanks to its 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which gives it a boost of about 250 HP and 320 LB-FT.

Then there is also the honorable mention of a six-speed automatic transmission that works on all wheels all which increments the price-tag of the vehicle to the region of US$30,000 while the base model of the Mazda 3 2021 is around US$20,000

But just the engine doesn’t entirely define luxury which is why the interior is well tweaked out in the Mazda3 Turbo and that is what would marvel buyers due to the high-quality materials and attention to details throughout the car’s cabin and not to forget that there is also a 360-degree camera and heads-up display on the Mazda3 Turbo something which you would usually find only in US$50K and upward cars.

The longer hood of the sedan gives it a much better exterior look and spacious inside that allows for comfort rather than being an ultra-mini sedan, it’s size and quality places it right next to other big mentions like the Toyota Corolla.

How Audi A4 come in

A 2020 Audi A4 idles on a road.
2020 Audi A4 idles | Audi

The additions to the Mazda3 Turbo and its pricing might just place it right above the likes of Audi A4 but that is very subjective as different consumers might different the latter over the former. Meanwhile during the short ride on both cars which promoted the comparison, the report from Car and Driver has it that the Audi A4 has a 261-HP turbocharged 2.0-liter engine as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic system that allows all four wheels to be powered at the same time. The fast speed of the Audi A4 pushes its boundaries in the region of 60MPH which is pretty decent.

Interior aesthetics of the Audi A4 still surpasses that of the Mazda3 Turbo despite the latter being called “Luxurious” by Car and Driver but that’s because the pricing difference is well pronounced with the Audi A4 45 Quattro has a asking price of a whooping US$41,945 which is about US$10K more than the Mazda3 Turbo which is in the range of US$30K

A stiffer suspension gives the Audi A4 a much more better performance at its best over the Mazda3 Turbo and I don’t want to keep boiling it down to the significant price differences between both cars meanwhile this is the fact you can’t ignore if you’re seeking a highly performance-friendly car.

How will Mazda create the “Luxury” brand

A photo of the Mazda3 outdoors.
Mazda3 Sedan | Mazda

While Mazda is a legendary brand, the company is known for making affordable cars and it might be difficult in my opinion to sell a US$100K car under that brand name even though the company has reportedly being working on a number of luxury cars which could compete against big German players like Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

But if the Mazda6 or the CX-5 ever get released, the potential is limitless considering what the company has done with the Mazda3 Turbo thanks to its engine specifications and interiors as well as its performances. But I’m a bit skeptical that it might be a better move to probably take the approach of other east-Asian car brands such as Genesis for Hyundai or Lexus for Toyota however, this is just my opinion and the market is very open for the brand to explore and further establish itself as a luxury car maker.