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The first car to feature Samsung’s Digital Key will be the Genesis GV60 according to a new report. The Digital Key was announced back in January during the company’s Galaxy S21 event.

The Digital Key will utilize NFC and Ultra-wideband or UWB technologies which will give drivers access to their vehicles in as much as they have their Galaxy smartphone nearby.

With that, you get passive access and the door of the vehicle will be automatically opened as you approach your car that is powered by this technology.

The key can also be shared with “Friends and Family” according to a media release from Hyundai on Thursday. However, you’ll need to own at least the Galaxy S21+ or higher, the Note 20 Ultra, or the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Z Fold 3 smartphones.

The system will also work on the next-gen Android 12 and later updates. So if your device has either the UWB chip or NFC, you can rest assured this will work for you especially when you own either of the aforementioned Galaxy smartphones.

Hyundai touts Samsung’s embedded Secure Element (eSE) in terms of data protection and notes that the UWB-based transmission system is highly resistant to interception, cloning, or jamming. Whether that security scheme will stand up to a mugger bonking you on the head, then taking your phone and your car remains to be seen. The digital key feature is expected to launch in Korea by the end of this year.

Google even announced it will also join in on the Digital car key back in May which is very different from what Samsung had earlier announced in January.

Google’s own digital key system will work on select Pixel and Galaxy phones with UWB capabilities and that could hint the possibility of the Pixel 6 also sporting the UWB technology when it debut later on this year.