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Screens are the new trend in cars and this is getting more popular every day thanks to different car makers adopting the trend like its a wildfire. The new Mercedes-Benz MBUX hyperscreen is the new technology unveiled by the German automaker giant which is expected to be implemented in its high-end EV cars.

Since EV are the future, they need a really powerful central control system which is modern but also futuristic and that is where the MBUX Hyperscreen comes in. The next-gen display will make its debut in the up and coming EQS electric sedan according to reports.

The MBUX Hyperscreen isn’t just one huge screen like the Cadillac Lyriq EV’s 33-inch display but instead a co-joined screens merged seamlessly which then give a cool-looking 141-centimeter wide and curved screen band. It’s extension spans all across towards the passenger’s side and it includes analogue air vents all integrated within the large screen surface which is meant to converge both the physical devices of the car with its digital console.

There are three main screens on the Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Hyperscreen reserved for instrument cluster sitting right behind the steering wheel while there is the infotainment system right at the middle then another screen in front of the passenger which is yet another option to immerse everyone into the same experience.

Now the cool part of the passenger’s seat‘s screen is the fact that when no one is present, there are sensors that tells the screen to display digital decorative such as animated stars but hopefully it can be configured based on the specifications of the driver within the system.

MBUX Hyperscreen display
MBUX Hyperscreen displays the GPS map information

There is of course support for artificial intelligence allowing the MBUX hyperscreen to display the right information at the right time and there is a zero layer technology which is able to list important features which help the user from going to unnecessary list of endless features to pick from on the menu.

The capacity of the AI-assistance includes the ability to suggest about 20 functions from the active massage programme to other things like birthday reminder, suggestion for to-do list and so forth can be pre-selected based on user’s need all which are called the “Magic Modules” as it’s based on AI suggestion to give you an close-to-accurate suggestion shown on the zero-layer.

MBUX Hyperscreen display features
The MBUX Hyperscreen display will be a powerful screen for the futuristic EQS EV

Then beneath the MBUZ Hyperscreen are some 12 actuators that help for haptic feedback when you touch the screen which is meant to simulate a physical button as it gives a mild vibration response when interacted with. And there are two coatings of the cover plate which Mercedes-Benz’s engineers have implemented to help reduce reflections and make cleaning the display much easier but of course there is a scratch-resistant aluminum silicate to protect the screen from unwanted scratches from debris.

Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen Unveiled: Screen, AI-Assistance, Debut & Other Details
MBUX Hyperscreen display has a portion for physical air vent

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group, says, “With our MBUX Hyperscreen, a design vision becomes reality. We merge technology with design in a fascinating way that offers the customer unprecedented ease of use. We love simplicity, we have reached a new level of MBUX.”

Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen Unveiled: Screen, AI-Assistance, Debut & Other Details
The MBUX Hyperscreen display from the side

Sajjad Khan, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG and CTO, says, “The MBUX Hyperscreen is both the brain and nervous system of the car. The MBUX Hyperscreen continually gets to know the customer better and delivers tailored, personalised infotainment and operating offering before the occupant even has to click or scroll anywhere.”

In terms of the power and capacity of the MBUX hyperscreen, it come with an 8-CPU cores and then a 24GB of RAM as well as 46.6GB per second RAM bandwidth. There is also the help of 1 multifunction camera and light sensor that help the screen adjust its brightness in auto-mode to save battery and protect the user’s eyes.

MBUX Hyperscreen display

The essence of the display is to enhance the user’s experience a well as brining the modern technology to the future-gen Mercedes-Benz EV which is one of the most fascinating thing owners will get from the car. While the screen will span across the dash area, there is likely no other screen within the central console maybe just a bunch of simpler control systems and so forth but much like other EVs, its interior is going to be luxurious, futuristic but also minimalistic.