A new mini from Nissan, Leaf EV could debut during the 2019 CES. The new eco friendly car had been expected to debut this year with a 60 KWH battery capacity travelling a range of 225 Miles with the name Leaf E-Plus but all was said to have been delayed due to the news about the company’s boss, Carlos Ghosen’s arrest.

A representative of Nissan made it known that the delay was inevitable because they wanted to ensure that the car to receive a coverage merit.

With that said, rumors now have it that the Leaf E-Plus could make its official debut during next year, 2019 CES in Las Vegas come January.

While there were rumors and stories surrounding the release of the new Electric car, Electrive, a german auto news outlet reported that the vehicle’s battery still lacks a liquid cooling system.

The current version of the vehicle which actually has a 40-kWh battery capacity is said to be of slower battery charging capacity as complained by consumers of the current version of the car.

While all seems rumors, the fact that consumers had claimed to always have to repeatedly fast charge their car while on a long trip could mean the lack of powerful system of battery management within the current version of the vehicle.

With that said, Electrive hoped that the Leaf E-Plus could borrow some features from the existing e-NV200 EV cargo van and also employ the use of active cooling/heating for the battery when fast charging.

And if you’re still not digging the idea of air cooling, keep this in mind; not using liquid cooling should also keep the price from becoming too expensive.

Elective also predicted the price of the Leaf E-Plus to be somewhat around $37,500 which wouldn’t be a price increase  from it’s current price tag. The price tag will put the Leaf E-Plus below the Cheverolet Bolt EV. While price isn’t stagnant, the variation could differ from regions to regions making an actual price tag uite uncertain.

Another thing which could be of interest is an upgrade. And according to the Electrive’s report, the car could get a more powerful horsepower in the range of 200 HP making the car take on the likes of Bolt EV, Kia Niro EV, Kia Soul EV and Hyundai Kona Electric.

Whether or not the 60-kWh Leaf E-Plus shows up at CES next month, TirePost will receive feeds from the events which can be followed on here. With the evolution electric vehicles in 2018, 2019 might even be a better year of more advanced innovations in the EV industry altogether. We’re also hoping Nissan also brings the hot, new Leaf Nismo RC race car it recently unveiled in Japan.