Electric transportation systems are becoming really popular with electric vehicles gaining big tractions so are electric scooters and bikes.

Taiwan-based automaker Gogoro is one of the few EV companies at the forefront of electric scooter development and the company has recently launched the Viva Mix in its home market, Taiwan.

This is an upgrade with a better improvement over the Viva model which was released back in 2019 as a compact and affordable range scooter for commuters.

This upgrade now sport a much powerful motor with improved top speed and range while also retaining the Gogoro’s iconic battery swapping feature which is one of the features that makes the electric scooter unique from the rest.

Gogoro VIVA MIX electric scooter
Gogoro Viva Mix EV

The VIVA Mix comes with a 6KW (8HP) motor with a drivetrain that has a helical gear setup which teams up with a Gates carbon fiber belt to drive the rear wheel.

The setup is known as FLO DRIVE and is touted to be both more durable and easier to maintain. Apart from being powerful, the drivetrain offers a 40% quieter ride experience.

Another big improvement includes its battery which sports 150KM on a single charge but with the Gogoro’s battery swapping network of over 2,000 stations across Taiwan, this will make it possible to always stay on.

You just have to locate a station and have the battery replaced before it runs out completely. The charging stations are usually within range in cities such as Taipei.

Gogoro VIVA MIX electric scooter
One of Gogoro’s battery swapping stations

The VIVA MIX comes in three-tone colorways of which the body panels are manufactured from durable and recyclable plastic that are scratch-resistant and more environmentally friendly. It features a comfy STYLO fabric seat an under the seat is a 23.9 liter storage area.

The scooter carries a starting price tag of TWD $59,980 (~US$2,155) and is only available in Taiwan at present so we wouldn’t know if there will be a global release in the near future.