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Less than two weeks ago, we wrote bout the GMC rejuvenating the Hummer truck but this time around as an electric ruck which is a pretty cool thing to hear in the news but what’s even more fascinating is the fact that the vehicle’s first edition had sold out despite not being released yet.

One of the best thig that helped the success of the new GMC Hummer EV truck is the company’s marketing strategy whereby the company is able to utilize good advertising to announce to people why they need an EV truck that can basically do all things for them for real.

One thing if nothing at all that I personally enjoy about the look and feel of the Hummer EV truck is the aggressive design which was borrowed from the olden Hummer trucks that were modeled after military vehicles. The new Hummer truck doesn’t just look big and massive, its also very fast because its an electric car thanks to different innovations built within the vehicle making it pretty awesome.

Being able to utilize sensors and the iconic crab-walk whereby the four wheels can be directed to a certain direction are few of the cool piece you’ll love about the truck.

  • The truck is striking in its black-and-white décor.
  • The truck doesn’t appear to be quite as massive as its image (and some of the other half-ton trucks on the market) although running boards are a welcome way to get into this beast due to the 35-inch tires. Because of its short bed and front end, it could be imagined as Colorado on steroids as easily as a Silverado or Sierra.
  • Angles are everywhere both inside and out; it’s as if Brutalist architecture were applied to an automobile.
  • The large center screen on the dash appears to be floating without direction toward an intended user.
  • For such a radical departure, it really fits neatly in the current trend of massive pickups.
  • The $112,000 price for the Edition 1 is steep, but not a big leap; we’ve been in $75,000 half-ton pickups that didn’t have any more features and weren’t as stylish—and of course were not three-motor electric vehicles.

Much like the time the Tesla Cybertruck was released last year with its polarizing design specification as well as its exoskeletal design, people were quick at making their own reservation until the truck finally gets released and that’s the same experience General Motors is seeing with the GMC Hummer EV truck as people were placing their orders to own one of this.

  • The 2022 Hummer EV Edition 1—Starting MSRP is $112,595, includes three-motor e4WD propulsion system with torque vectoring (1000 horsepower, 11,500 pound-feet of torque), 350-mile range, 800-volt DC fast-charging capability, destination, Super Cruise, UltraVision, 35-inch tires, Infinity Room (four panels that can be removed and stored in the frunk), power rear drop class, six-function MultiPro tailgate and more. Production begins in fall 2021.
  • The Hummer EV3X will follow in fall 2022 for $99,995. Like the First Edition, it also features a three-motor system with torque vectoring and Watts to Freedom, GM’s version of Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, designed to deliver 0-to-60 acceleration in the three-second range.
  • The Hummer EV2X comes in spring 2023 at $89,995 with adaptive air suspension with Extract Mode (which can raise the suspension six inches) and CrabWalk, its four-wheel steering system.
  • Finally, the Hummer EV2 arrives in spring 2024 for $79,995 with a two-motor drive system.

GM will continue to make the Hummer EV at its Factory Zero which was revamped to be used for the manufacturing of electric vehicles after spending some US$2.2 billion on the factory. The Factory Zero was formerly the Hamtramck plant before getting tweaked up for the new tasks.

The company’s boss Mark Reuss also made it known that Buick-GMC dealers have agreed in a contract to carry the Hummer brand which is expected to go farther to SUV while dealers are expected to install DC fast charging stations.

Meanwhile the good news is the fact that car makers are quickly moving away from combustion engine to electric motors. We recently reported that Bentley stated it would also stop making cars with fuels and move to EV completely by 2030. That in itself is a big challenge and also showed the potentials of the EV market which is on the boom.

But it’s not only GM or Bentley trying to take a bite in the booming market as Chevrolet which is another GM car division is said to have its all electric pickup tuck, Silverado scheduled for 2021 which will be similar to the full electric Ford F-150.

But not to forget that there are still the two contenders – Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T both EV trucks coming to the scene as well both which has been promised to be released by the year 2021.

Hummer doesn’t have a lock on the muscle truck part of the market, either, as Ford’s already show a prototype of its electric pickup towing a train, Tesla’s bragged about its three-motor system’s prowess and Rivian has put out extensive videos of its pickup tearing up off-road trails.

While majority of the trucks all have the conventional truck look and feel, the Cybertruck is the odd looking truck among them sporting a totally different alien-inspired design which is part of the marketing strategy which got Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk saying people deserve something different.

What sets the Hummer EV apart

Is the fact that its the first EV to use the new Ultium batteries in a 24-module double-stacked skateboard chassis. The cabin then sports a dual display which is meant to serve as the infotainment system for the vehicle and then there are tons of storage almost throughout the tuck.

The Hummer EV has no space wasted even underneath the rear seat or bench which has spaces beneath where you can keep stuffs as well as each seat still having a little pocket for smaller things.

Then there is the removable roof which can be fit entirely within the front trunk of the vehicle. There ae the 35-inch tires which are pretty standard to the base models and the vehicle’s suspension is able to elevate to allow for more off road driving which is another cool thing about the vehicle.

The performance-oriented EV truck is packed with tons of off-road features such as the wheelbase camera sensor to allow for a good overview of the ground beneath you.

Personally, I’m not surprised the Hummer EV sold out because its a pretty decent vehicle which is expected to do well in the market when it makes it official debut. When JerryRigEverything visited the showroom of GMC to talk about the truck, there were pretty decent things he mentioned that made the truck attractive especially to anyone who ever dream to own a powerful EV truck.