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The battle line of the electric truck has been drawn and almost every big automakers are eyeing the future of EV pickup truck if not, why would the GM tease a new Chev electric pickup truck after the company already have a number of EV pickup truck on its way already. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it already but its not a big deal.

Late in 2019, it was the Tesla Cybertruck that everyone was falling for even though the haters hated it but then Ford also planned to bring a new EV pickup truck to the market by 2021 and then GM announced its own EV pickup truck around this period.

But then GM released the new Hummer EV truck with 1000 horsepower with a really fast acceleration. This automatically place the Hummer EV in line with Rivian, Tesla and then Ford as the favorable competition and looking at the good looks of the Hummer EV, one can say it’ll do well in the market.

They confirmed that they are planning a Silverado-like electric pickup truck with 400 miles of range:

“Chevrolet BET Truck, which will be the brand’s first electric full-size pickup, offering 400+ miles of range on a single charge.”

During a new investor conference with Barclays, GM teased a prototype of the electric pickup truck which could only be seen in the background during the presentation. It stood beside what seems to be the Hummer EV prototype and a new electric crossover.

In the first picture, you can see the front fascia of the pickup truck and in the second picture, you can see its overall shape.

Behind is the tease picture of the supposed Chevy EV truck planned to be released

Even though this is based purely on speculations, a GM spokesperson confirmed that this is the Chevy BET (Battery-electric truck) which they previously announced but there was no confirmation about the timeline or any further detail about the truck meanwhile the company plan to enter into full EV production by 2025.

Along with the new Chevy electric pickup, GM also shared glimpse of a new Chevy crossover electric and an SUV version of the new Hummer electric.

But it’s factual now that most automakers are shifting rapidly and cutting their carbon footprint by embracing the EV concept. UK Prime Minister stated that the country will oust carbon emitting cars by 2030.