The electric car company CEO is known all over the internet for his tremendous constant tweets which are powerful enough to move stock prices up or down. His influence is almost cult-like and people really love him for his contribution to the electric and space industry at large while some sci-fi movie fan enthusiasts liken him to Tony Stark.

The Tesla CEO has now crowned himself the company’s Technoking in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), where the company revealed that the world’s current second-richest man title has changed to “Technoking of Tesla.”

The company’s Chief financial officer Zach Kirkhorn also got a new title as the company’s “Master of Coin.” The filing notes that in addition to these titles both Musk and Kirkhorn will “also maintain their respective positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.”

Th reason behind the change/addition of these new title isn’t known and considering the fact that Musk is known to being a Twitter person, this information is yet to be passed out to his millions of followers via the social microblogging platform.

While Musk hasn’t tweeted, at least for Kirkhorn the change does seem to tie into recent Tesla news. One of the significant event that caused the name change was was the company announced it would start accepting cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment with the company further shelling away a huge US$1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency.