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China had been accused of being part of the problem of global waste disposition as well as carbon emission by a number of people and the U.S. President Donald Trump is one of the proponent of this. In order to further combat the usage of fossil fuel and encourage an eco-friendly environment in the country and beyond, the Chinese government will reportedly roll out a new package of policies which is aimed at supporting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in order to further improve the industry’s supply chain and technologies.

The report was made known on Saturday according to a Chinese government official and the country is now the world’s biggest market for new energy vehicles (NEV) which includes battery electric vehicles and plugin-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

There are policies in place to support NEV makers which is to offer subsidies on sales but then the new policy will also focus on helping companies which have developed or developing the breakthrough technologies.

A senior finance ministry official, Song Quiling told a conference held by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) in Tianjin.

The new supportive policy is meant to focus on vehicles for long-distance logistics such as heavy duty trucks according to Song who also added that city governments will be encouraged to develop a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry with local companies in order to build up a more mature supply chain.

Song did not offer details of the new policy.