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Bigger screens seems to be the new trends that was made common by Tesla and ever since then, there have been the endless list of cars coming with gigantic screens for their infotainment system. Cadillac’s new Lyriq EV infotainment will sport a massive 33-inches display that will span across a large portion of the car’s dashboard.

With the new trendy design which includes a hoodless infotainment and car gauge system, the large portion of the dash is what is needed for Cadillac to innovate something quite unique though not entirely new in the industry. General Motors, the parent company of Cadillac used the help of both Territory Studio and Rightpoint to create the huge display which is a 33-inch LED display.

Speaking of the designers, Territory Studio is a British creative company which has a large portfolio of good products in the user interface arena and has worked on video games as well while Rightpoint is a digital consultancy company which is known for making digital stuffs.

Since EV is the future, the need to make them more hospitable but also ridden with tech is one of the considerations GM put into place while making the Cadillac Lyriq EV which employed its two partners that designed the technology to give the car an artful aesthetics as well as purpose and technology.

While this isn’t entirely a newer approach to things, Cadillac wants to ensure that it’s invention stands out and not a failure while ensuring a really flexible but customizable environment that makes driving an EV enjoyable. There will supposedly be display themes “to fit the driver’s mood and personality.” 

There is a short video showing how the infotainment system works. The menu list ‘s appearance, the theme and the choice of color with its touch buttons are just spectacular. Based on the design of the infotainment 33-inch display, its possible it can split between the driver and the passenger whereby a portion will be used to show the important information to the driver such as the speedometer, the mileage and battery gauge while the other part can be used for navigation, entertainment and so forth.

Until January 12th when Cadillac will release more information about the vehicle, you can enjoy the beautiful images of the Lyriq EV here and appreciate the artistic designs mixed with high-technology for future adopters of EV cars.