Hyundai partnered with Uber in the past and the South Korean automaker is on the verge of making a full-blown flying cars or the urban air mobility vehicles as its usually called. The company let out details of its futuristic UAMs which could be a reality as soon as 2028 just 8 years from now.

Hyundai made its vision known during the CES 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic locked the entire world down in panic. The company said by 2028, it plans to have an all electric vehicle which is suitable for intracity transportation whereby riders will be able to just hop on and can easily go to wherever they want within a densely populated area

Hyundai also said it wants to take cargo to the skies as well in just 6 years time. The company is really ambitious and said that it has a flying taxi that is suitable for cargo based on its hybrid powertrain unlike the all-electric which it will release by 2028.

Another futuristic thing about these cars is the fact that they can fly autonomously and stated that the vehicles will be entirely uncrewed. How nice does it sound whereby a cargo flying car can transport goods from place to place through the sky. That will be pretty fast.

The company also purchased Boston Dynamics, famous for its creepy robot dog, it was announced Wednesday. The buy comes hot on the heels of concepts for Hyundai’s “walking cars” — part standard vehicle, part Transformer.

I have the notion that in the next decade, humans would have taken to the sky completely in a different manner unlike the traditional ways. If Hyundai is able to meet this milestone, the UAMs will be revolutionary and can change the way we transport. Volocopter is one of such that is taking to the skies of Singapore and this trend might just become really popular over the next decade making it the next gold rush.