By Phils Carlque

Ebikes are changing the way we all commute from one place to the other and that fascinating and portable mode of transportation will never go away any time soon and

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi EV spotted ahead of 2024’s projected mass production

The company first announced its ambition to enter into the EV market

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Toyota collaborates with Suzuki to produce hybrid cars in India

Though criticized for being slow to the EV market, Toyota has argued

By Alfred Dune 4 Min Read

Tesla sued by former employees over unlawful “mass layoff”

The mass layoff is said to have affected over 500 individuals without

By Fey Aniston 3 Min Read

Apple granted a new sunroof patent that would be used in its upcoming electric car

The Apple Car has faced numerous setbacks over the years

By Liam Hall 2 Min Read

In Europe, the sales of self-charging plug-in hybrid cars have overtaken Diesel-powered cars

Plug-in hybrids which has a back-up combustion engines are seen as a

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

GM planning to launch more EVs at the expense of profits

The automaker despite facing series of challenges is planning to up its

By Alfred Dune 6 Min Read

Autonomous Car Companies are cruising past U.S. Regulators

Big EV makers and AV tech companies are on the verge of

By Alfred Dune 8 Min Read

Subaru debut an all-electric race car and it’s pretty fast

Subaru may be late to the EV market but it's certainly on

By Phils Carlque 2 Min Read


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