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Tesla pushes the production of Cybertruck farther to Q1 2023

Another postponement for the polarizing EV truck

BMW debut a color-changing car at the CES 2022

The future is coming sooner than expected

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a solar-powered ultra-long-range concept EV with futuristic aesthetics

The concept EV boasts an excessive 658 miles range on a single charge

Ford will increase the production of its F-150 Lightning EV truck to 150,000 units per year

Formerly 40,000 units, then 80,000 units, and now, 150,000 units according to a statement from the company's spokesperson

Tesla bumps the price of its Model Y and Model 3 in China

The price hike affects the base version of the EV models

AMD-Powered MCU3 deployed to newest Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in North America

The inclusion of the new system is meant to enhance the user experience of the new cars built by Dec.

Tesla will stop people from playing games when its cars are in motion

There were reports about the "dangerous" act that has been condemned by many advocate groups and NHTSA

Boeing to make airplanes in the metaverse

To assert its dominance and speed up development, vitual world may be the new frontier for tech innovation

Musk says new Texas Gigafactory is a US$10B+ investment over time

The EV automaker's factory will also reportedly generate over 20K direct and 100K indirect jobs in the region

Tesla recalls over 20,000 Model Y SUVs in China

The recall is said to be due to an issue with the vehicle's steering wheel

GAC AION LX Plus will reportedly sport a massive 1,000KM range

The vehicle will reportedly be a follow-up to the previously announced AION LX back in 2019

UK Government to enforce Electric Car charging points in new homes by 2022

This is the government's move to electrify the country and cut carbon emission by 2030

A time when your car will drive better than you is imminent

The world of self-driving cars has been faced with ups and downs

HarmonyOS-powered autonomous EV prepared for launch later this year

BAIC Arcfox Alpha S which uses Huawei's technology including its HiSilicon Kirin chipset will reportedly go on sale before the

Waymo continues to test out its autonomous cars in the street of San Francisco

Though there had been a number of challenges, the company continues to test out its service across the city

Tesla’s German Gigafactory will start making EVs before the end of the year

Despite environmental concerns and legal issues, the plan is to commence production before the year end

An Indian Minister warned against Tesla selling China-made EVs in India

But wants the EV automaker to start making its Vehicles in the South Asian country

Airless tires are coming as soon as 2024

This is a long overdue leap from the modern aired tires that date as far back as combustion engines

Uber sued by drivers in the UK over “racially discriminatory” facial recognition system

This isn't the first time that the company will face legal tussle in the UK with its drivers over what

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The Mechanical Gear of the Juvenile Leafhopper “A discovery that proved science wrong?”

Human scientists have boaster both publicly and privately to have at least made something that wasn't copied from nature. This

3 Min Read
E-bike startup Vvolt partnered with Acer to bring a better experience to the market

Ebikes are changing the way we all commute from one place to the other and that fascinating and portable mode

8 Min Read
Top 10 Mid size affordable SUVs to watch out for in 2015/2016

Despite their prices which seems cheaper from the super cars, these rides still offer nicer and elegant features which usually

10 Min Read
The Lamborghini Automobili “The super automaker”

What do you know about the Lamborghini? The sound right? or the design which usually look unique and look like

18 Min Read
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