Apple granted a new sunroof patent that would be used in its upcoming electric car

The Apple Car has faced numerous setbacks over the years

Apple isn’t giving up on its EV project just yet after numerous setbacks. The newest we got about the said “Project Titan” is that the company has filed and has now been granted a patent related to the project.

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted a new patent to Apple that appears to be a sunroof technology for its EV. Although there isn’t any explicit detail confirming whether the technology will be for the car, there are some basic reasons that made s lot of people arrive at that conclusion.

Apple Car Sunroof Patent

According to the document, it showed various drawings of what appears to be a car’s sunroof. In fact, some diagrams showed how the sunroof would move while some showcase the mechanism within the sunroof.

An abstract in the patent application reads: “a vehicle includes a roof, an opening in the roof, and a window that is located forward from the opening.” This effectively confirms that it is for the car.

Also, the patent reveals a variable opacity glass which means that the user will be able to control the transparency of the sunroof.

To top it all up, one recent report has it that the Apple Car will be fully electric and will have support for fully autonomous self-driving capability while it could debut as soon as the year 2025.

The project has however been faced with numerous setbacks because Apple has been unable to retain engineers to work on the project.

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