Nothing Earbuds 1 has a unique and distinct design signature

Great design aesthetics that make the device appear to be from the future and offering cool features like long battery, ANC and its also lightweight.
Nothing Ear 1 look and feel
Hype beast

1. Nothing and the hype!

I personally love the design and I hope to give it a try myself and see if it’s worth the hype because this thing really got hyped up by the media all over the internet.

Nothing Ear 1 is very lightweight
Unique design

2. Cool design

Nothing Ear 1 is very lightweight and that is one of its very many unique features.

Nothing ear 1 Earbuds 1
Looks like a makeup kit

3. Looks like a Makeup kit LOL!

Nothing Ear 1’s casing looks like a makeup kit – or am I overthinking it? Let’s get creative with this thing.

Nothing Ear 1 has ANC
Really tiny

4. Small and lightweight

The Nothing Ear 1 has Active noise cancellation despite its mid-range price point. It might not be the best earbuds out there but its audio drivers are definitely killing it.

Nothing Ear 1's unique design

5. Nothing Ear 1.

The Nothing Ear 1 TWS earbud is very simple and unique in every sense. While it might easily get lost in the ocean of innumerable TWS earbuds, I think it’ll still serve its purpose while it’s got the hype.

Nothing Ear 1 looks like the AirPods Pro to some extent
Looks like AirPods Pro from this angle

6. Looks like an AirPods Pro

It also looks like the OnePlus Buds Z earbuds in some ways though.

Nothing Ear 1 transparent case
Transparent case

7. Don’t you like this?

The transparent design of the Nothing Ear 1 matches well enough with the earbuds themselves which might be cool to some and not others. But the deliberate design is meant to probably gather a new audience just like OnePlus did in its early days.

Nothing Ear 1 review
Fit into the pocket easily

8. Fits right well into the pocket

The Nothing Ear 1 transparent can barely fit well in your pocket compared to other smaller earbuds like the Pixel Buds 2 or even the Galaxy Buds2 or the AirPods 2 casing as well.

Nothing Ear 1 design is unique
Still on the design

9. Still a great design

Did I stress it enough that the design is quite interesting. Take the flat shortened stem as an example and its symmetry when you put them on.

Nothing Ear 1 ear tips
Interchangeable ear tips

10. Interchangeable ear tips

The design of the ear tips looks similar to that of the AirPods Pro in a very good way. It has these changeable ear tips that can be swapped out for another in a minute.

Nothing Ear 1

11. Futuristic?

Still on the fitting, the design signature looks like it’s from the future. While its pretty lightweight, the transparent look kind of gave it the look and feel of a metallic build.

Nothing Ear 1 unique design
I love the design

12. Still unique

The unique design of the Nothing Ear 1 is very well pronounced and that comes at a price of course.

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© 2021 Brumpost Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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