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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a futuristic car with an amazing range

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At the CES 2022, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its concept car, the amazing Vision EQXX which is expected to beat existing ultra-long mileage EVs on the market IF it ever makes it to production.

The beautiful EV sedan blends in a number of important factors such as interesting design aesthetics, sporty intentions, and futuristic features one of which is its support for a solar-powered roof.

This is part of the German automaker’s plan to electrify its entire lineup by the year 2035 as many countries across the globe are now pushing for electrification and planning to ban the sales of combustion engine vehicles by the year 2030.

Below are some of the amazing virtual images of the EV shared by Mercedes during its exhibition at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX grille
Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX front

1. Futuristic and sporty

The Mercedes Vision EQXX sports an amazing design in every part especially at the front. Being an electric vehicle means the absence of a grille for air intake. But the German automaker makes good use of the space with the stylish placement of its miniature logos to create a false grille.

Mercedes Vision EQXX back

2. Looks like McLaren Speedtail

The elongated back of the Mercedes Vision EQXX makes it appear just like the supercar McLaren Speedtail. The unique design is meant to enhance the car’s aerodynamics and help it achieve long range and speed.

Mercedes Vision EQXX back

3. The back

Looks amazing while also maintaining the same Mercedes design aesthetics on the concept car.

Mercedes Vision EQXX promotion banner

4. An extra length

Even though Mercedes claims that the extra length of the vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean it would pack in more batteries instead, the modification of the vehicle is why it’s able to achieve the long 658 miles on a single charge

Mercedes Vision EQXX wheel

5. Beautiful wheel

With the Vision EQXX branding well embellished on it to constantly remind you and passerby that you’re driving a truly futuristic EV.

Mercedes Vision EQXX side mirror

6. The side mirror

Even though many EV automakers nowadays make use of cameras instead of an actual side mirror, the implementation of side mirrors on the Mercedes Vision EQXX is still amazing to look at.

Mercedes Vision EQXX interior

7. The steering wheel

Has a flat-base steering wheel with some cool interior designs. One of the most significant is the massive 45-inch display that spans across the entire width of the vehicle.

Mercedes Vision EQXX massive 45-inch screen

8. The giant display

Is meant to change your experience when you’re driving this car and the implementation is truly amazing and fancy.

Mercedes Vision EQXX ambient light

9. Ambient lighting

Mercedes isn’t new to the usage of ambient lights and it’s amazing to find them within this car as well.

Mercedes Vision EQXX door panel

10. The door panel

Looks pretty decent and luxurious. Although there is no way for us to touch and feel it, by the look of it, we can see how amazing and decent it is.

Mercedes Vision EQXX center console

11. The center console

Has the basic feature of modern center consoles in cars such as cup holders and other peripheral functions.

Mercedes Vision EQXX areial view

12. Solar-powered cell roof

Which Mercedes claims can boast 25 miles in a single day under the proper

Mercedes Vision EQXX back looks like McLaren Speedtail

13. Speedy

Although the vehicle weighs about 1,750KG which puts it in the compact SUV category, its handling according to Mercedes feels like a sports car.

Mercedes Vision EQXX side view

14. Great design

The overall design of the Mercedes Vision EQXX is just cool and nice-looking in every way possible.

Mercedes Vision EQXX interior

15. Beautiful inside

That’s what the Mercedes Vision EQXX is all about. And just like every other Mercedes lineup, they always have great exterior and interiors to match the luxury the company is trying to portray.

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