The new iPhone 12 looks really impressive from all angles

When the iPhone 12 series was released about a month ago, lots of people around the world were amazed while others didn’t feel different for a number of reasons first, the company decided to pull out its charging brick from the devices and leaving it with the lightning cable only. Then there was barely any difference in the design of the device aside from the squared side is reminiscent of the older iPhone 4 and 5 or the iPad Pro.

But despite Apple still leaving the huge notch at the top of the device, this time around, the company took a different approach to ensure that the flagship devices are up to the 2020 standard which is one thing Apple does. While the company basically doesn’t like changing its device’s design so often compared to others like Samsung or Huawei who basically switch designs every year, the iPhone 12 series took most of its predecessor’s design specs.

This time around, we get OLED on all of the iPhone 12 series which is pretty cool because, in the past, only the high-end “Pro” models usually come with the OLED display. But Apple also made four iPhones this time around with the base models being the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 before heading upward to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max which is the largest.

The device sports some pretty cool specifications and the new iOS 14 software upgrade which allows the device to wear a new UI look and other interesting perks.

iPhone 12 box
The smallest of the pack

1. Not the smallest

The casing of the iPhone 12 series is very small because Apple decided to pull out the charging brick of the device and wants you to opt for its MagSafe.

The back of the iPhone 12
The back of the iPhone 12 is so similar to that of the older iPhone 11 series

2. Looks similar to its predecessor

The back of the iPhone 12 is so similar to that of the older iPhone 11 series

iPhone 12 side
Squared design

3. No curves on the edges

The sides of the iPhone 12 is shaped and squared compared to the rounded sides of the previous iPhone 11 series

iPhone 12 OLED screen
6.1-inch display

4. OLED display

The new iPhone 12 also has a 6.1-inch OLED display which is far better than the IPS display on the older iPhone 11

iPhone 12 lightning cable
Lightning charging port

5. Not USB C Port

No support for USB Type-C or maybe you should just forget about it forever because Apple doesn’t seem to bring that anytime soon

iPhone 12 side buttons
Nothing much has changed

6. Same old hardware look

Nothing really changed as far as the button placement on the iPhone 12 is concerned when compared to the older generation

iPhone 12 rear camera
Dual camera setup

7. A dual camera setup

The iPhone has a dual rear camera, unlike the older iPhone XR which has just one sensor. The iPhone 11 and the current iPhone 12 both have the same 12MP sensor

iPhone 12 4K Dolby video recording
4K video recording capacity

8. 4K Video

The iPhone 12 can record 4K videos at 30FPS and it also has some cool effects and a great color filter

The iPhone 12 camera
Not bad looking

9. Nice

The iPhone 12 sports a dual 12MP camera sensor with the same squared module behind the device much like the previous iPhone 11

iPhone 12 Notch
Same large notch

10. Large notch

The iPhone 12 still has a large notch but with smaller bezels around the display unlike the first generation (iPhone X)

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© 2021 Brumpost Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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