Hyundai and Uber Elevate partner to develop a flying taxi called concept S-A1

Korean car maker Hyundai partnered up with Uber Elevate to take you to the sky with their concept flying taxi called the Concept S-A1 which is also a VTOL aircraft. The design is pretty unique and will be able to haul about 4 individuals around. Below are some really cool pictures of this concept.

Hyundai Uber Air design is pretty weird
The Hyundai Uber Air has a weird design but it fly which is the most important thing
Hyundai Uber Air 2
The Hyundai Concept S-A1 was brought to the CES 2020 in Las Vegas and garnered a lot of views from the world before the COVID-19 affected the transportation industry at large
Hyundai Uber Air for Uber elevate flying taxi
Hyundai Uber Air Concept S-A1 will be built for the Uber Elevate flying taxi
The size of the Hyundai Uber Air concept S-A1 is pretty normal
The size of the Hyundai Uber Air is pretty moderate
The Hyundai Uber Air concept S-A1
The Hyundai Uber Air Concept A-1 is based on the partnership between Hyundai and Uber Elevate
Aerial view of the concept Hyundai S-A1
The Hyundai Concept S-A1 can transport about four individuals
The rotors of the Hyundai Concept S-A1
The Rotor of the Hyundai Concept S-A1 varies in directions and shapes all engineered to allow for good thrust and elevation through the air
Hyundai Uber Air seat
The seat of the Hyundai Concept S-A1 where passengers can sit. The flying taxi will be able to haul around about 4 individuals
Hyundai Uber Air landing pad
The Hyundai Uber Air will also have a landing pad much like those used for helicopters

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