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AIways U5 is pretty decent yet Affordable

An interesting vehicle with great design aesthetics under the budget.
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The Always U5 is an amazing electric SUV that has some pretty decent design and cool-looking aesthetics. The Chinese automaker announced this car back in 2018 during the Beijing Auto Show but got international recognition away from its local market when it was unveiled during the Geneva Auto Show a year later in 2019.

The vehicle is currently being sold in Europe in a number of countries and is priced under 40,000 which is amazing. Although there isn’t anything out of the ordinary or spectacular about this car that hasn’t been seen in other amazing EVs out there that doesn’t mean it’s not a cool compact SUV. Anyway, enjoy the amazing pictures of the Always U5 EV above.

Aiways U5 is an affordable Chinese EV SUV
The Always U5 is an amazing compact EV SUV

1. The Aiways U5 is an amazing compact EV SUV.

The AIways U5 is an amazing compact EV SUV

Charging the Aiways U5
The AIways U5 has a pretty powerful battery that’ll help it travel miles nonstop.

2. The Aiways U5 has a powerful 65Kw battery

Charging is also pretty fast thanks to the network of charging stations that AIways is currently rolling out across Europe.

Aiways U5 grille
The vehicle has Chinese design aesthetics, especially from the front.

3. The Aiways U5 grille is unqiue

Being an EV, the AIways U5 doesn’t have an air-intake grille, unlike gasoline cars. The Headlight is also very beautiful giving the car some premium aesthetics.

Back view of the Aiways U5
There isn’t anything spectacular about the back of the Aiways U5 despite being an EV.

4. The back of the Aiways U5

The moderate-sized Aiways U5 EV SUV has a unique back though its an affordable EV.

The front view of the Aiways U5
The Aiways U5 has a pretty decent design aesthetic that makes it stand out from the many others on the market.

5. The front view

The interesting design of the Aiways U5 is unique and simple. It also comes with some motorized parts which makes it even more modern.

Aiways U5 screens
The Aiways U5 has pretty decent screens which are mounted on the dashboard.

6. Steering wheel

The main screen which displays the car information is directly in front of the driver which can be accessed via the big steering wheel

Aiways U5 power steering wheel
The interesting design of the Always U5 steering wheel is phenomenal

7. Logo on wheels

The Always U5 logo sits at the center of the steering wheel which has a flat base as seen in modern sports cars. Even though this isn’t a sports car, it’s certainly made to run pretty fast.

Interiors of the Aiways U5
The passenger’s interior angle of the Always U5 is damn fascinating.

8. Passengers interior angle of the Aiways U5

The design of the interior is super fascinating and outstanding thanks to the giant center-mounted screen which can be used to access the car’s infotainment system. This design is common in many EVs nowadays.

The luxury-looking seats of the Aiways U5
The unique and minimal design of the Always U5 seats are pretty fascinating

9. Seats of the AIways U5 looks very luxurious

The back seat has a larger legroom and the interior leathered design is pretty interesting making the vehicle as fascinating as possible.

Aiways U5 is a five-seat compact EV SUV
Which can seat five people comfortably thanks to its enormous spaces.

10. Aiways U5 is a compact EV SUV

The Always U5 has enough space to ferry tons of luggage and people from one place to the other. The interesting design of the interior is fascinating and the vehicle’s rear bench seats are cool.

Aiways U5 infotainment system
The Always U5 infotainment system resides at the center console

11. Aiways U5 infotainment system

Gluing big tablets to the center of the dashboard seems to be the norm nowadays with EVs and that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Great interior design of the Aiways U5
The Always U5 has a pretty decent-looking interior

12. Interesting interior design of the Aiways U5

Matched with some pretty high-tech that match up with its modern design aesthetics.

Aiways U5 crash test score
Unfortunately, the Always U5 scored just 3 out of 5 stars in its crash test.

13. Aiways U5 crash test

The Aiways U5 might not be the safest EV SUV soring just 3stars out of 5 stars.


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