Our world is a mystery. Learn about the next NASA space trips and SpaceX plans for the future. From Human science to chemical science and discoveries are all exclusively detailed out

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China finally bids farewell to its zero-COVID policy as it opens its borders

Three years later and after so many mass lockdowns and frequent compulsory

By Nusaiba Sabiu 7 Min Read

Hong Kong plan to reopen its borders to commuters from Mainland China

A strict zero-COVID policy, the city Chief Secretary assured a Jan. 8th

By Nusaiba Sabiu 3 Min Read

Scientists found evidence of the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact on the moon

A group of researchers at Scientists from Curtin University's Space Science and

By Lisa Irène 5 Min Read

Images of DART’s collision with Dimorphos asteroid caused tons of space debris

The first image was released by the Italian Space Agency on Tuesday

By Lisa Irène 4 Min Read

Starlink vows to bring back internet access to Iran and US school bus

Despite the slow internet speed, Starlink internet users are experiencing, the company

By Lisa Irène 3 Min Read

Watch how NASA will slam its DART Spacecraft into an Asteroid

The experimental mission is to see whether a space rock can be

By Lisa Irène 4 Min Read

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover continues to search for evidence of ancient life on the red planet

The rover has now collected about 12 different samples of sedimentary rocks

By Lisa Irène 6 Min Read

Scientists think space diamonds could be much stronger than those foundon Earth

The formation process of the space diamond has been debated but one

By Lisa Irène 4 Min Read


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