Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to these great and free VPN extensions for Google Chrome which is the most popular

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Enjoy a Massive discount for these BlitzWolf® over-ear Gaming Headphones

Sleek design with Hi-Fi audio output all under the US$50 price mark

By Wendy Xi 9 Min Read

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro receives a new software update

The device was released a couple of months ago with some cooler upgrades from the previous model

By Maria Janetta 1 Min Read

Spotify acquires Kinzen to help tackle misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech

Terms of the deal were not made public but the acquisition came after the streaming platform faced a lot of

By Simbi 2 Min Read

EU gives Apple the final ultimatum to switch to USB-C by autumn 2024 even though future iPhones might be entirely portless

The One charger policy is a way by which the European Union is aiming to save consumers hundreds of millions

By Liam Hall 5 Min Read

Meta planning to rid Reels with new ad formats

The goal is to push more advertisers to Reels as well as keep users scrolling through oblivion

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Musk and Twitter are yet to reach an agreement over the initial acquisition offer that will potentially end their legal tussle

The legal tussle between Musk and Twitter is expected to come to an end when the latter agrees to move

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Planets that have the exact features like Earth may be rarer than thought among the vast habitable exoplanets in the universe

A team of researchers found that planets that have 30% of its surface covered in continental land makes up only

By Lisa Irène 6 Min Read

Elon Musk wants to proceed with the Twitter deal at the original US$44 billion price

Even after the whole drama between both parties, the billionaire seems to be changing his mind after all.

By Simbi 5 Min Read

Here are the top 6 free Google Chrome VPN extensions to keep your data private

Safety is first in everything you do and that also applies to the internet. Thanks to these great and free

By Ret SILO 17 Min Read

These Websites allow you to watch Hollywood movies for free in 2022

Movies are now accessible elsewhere for free aside from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

By Simbi 21 Min Read

Apple pulls down Russia’s Facebook rival VK from its App Store

Apple however said the app would continue to run effectively on devices that already had it before the pulldown.

By Simbi 3 Min Read

Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS users in 2022

Freely legal and legitimately authorized for your viewing pleasure from anywhere you are in the world

By Simbi 14 Min Read

Scientists found evidence of the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact on the moon

A group of researchers at Scientists from Curtin University's Space Science and Technology Centre (SSTC) in Australia found similarities between

By Lisa Irène 5 Min Read