Virtual Private Networks or VPN services are very important these days for everyone using the internet because of the huge population of users of the internet making it a really hostile place for those who aren’t well secured to go. While there might be costly to keep your use o the internet secured, there are some of the best free unlimited VPNs for Android users out there.

Back in the days when you get limited with just the location you reside in or found yourself. VPN takes away the hurdle of having to get censored or hacked by cybercriminals and anything that is just not so ideal for your secure surfing of the internet.

What’s even worse is that nowadays, there are numerous robots crawling the entire internet and not just Google or Bing crawlers and these evil bots will steal your data if care isn’t taken fast enough and that can hurt your operation especially if you’re a business owner for whatever reason. But using the best free VPN for your android phones in 2021 can keep your data safe from data theft because your identity and information are masked off by the VPN provider’s own network systems.

Now the important part is picking which service is right for you which can be really tricky. Tricky in many senses because come to think of it, there are hundreds of mobile VPN services on the Google Play store that offers the service for free although they might come with limitations, some of these services are just plain liars which is why it can be tricky to pick which VPN service is right for you in 2021.

What makes the best free VPN for Android devices in 2021

As mentioned above, there are some important factors you should really consider before picking up a VPN application on your smartphone. While that might be tricky for an individual person, it would be in fact trickier for a small business owner who is operating solely from a mobile device.

But there are important things to put into an account that would enable your secure surfing of the internet without the risk of getting your data stolen via the unsecured local Wi-Fi service you’re connected to. This is why sometimes some people recommend against the usage of free VPN services, especially for business owners.

But the truth is that there are some really cool best free and unlimited VPN apps for android out there and they offer really great solutions and fast connection to the internet which you can test out today and see for yourself. While I mentioned the fact that some are plain liars, that is why you should always examine reviews and comment sections whenever you have decided to get a VPN service for your Android smartphone.

I made this compilation based on my own personal experience and what I realized about the best free VPN services for android device users in 2021 which I’ve used myself in the not-so-long past and seen which is better and how they can help you securely during your cyber endeavors.

There are definitely a few things that make a VPN service outstandingly different from the rest. These reasons are what make people use them more because of the benefits they offer and how great those benefits are. Below, we’ll consider what makes a VPN service really great and why you should buy, subscribe or download any of those.

Speed is the number one factor

Speed is very essential when surfing the Web. And since no one wants to wait for 2 minutes for a single Web page to load out, the use of VPN simplifies this process. What makes VPN services faster than normal Internet servers is because data and information are exchanged first within the VPN server. The faster the VPN server, the faster the browsing.

That said, some free mobile VPN service providers really suck at this probably due to the fact that you’re using their services freely or for whatever reason best known to them. The reality is that you’re not getting the best out of their service. While I tried a number of free VPN applications on my Android smartphone, the number that quickly took my breath away was from Cloudflare which was really interesting based on the speed and how well it’s embedded into your smartphone but that in a bit.

Security is super important

Why use a Virtual Private Network in the first place if not to stay secured while surfing the web and ensuring that your data doesn’t get stolen by either hacker or get yourself censored by whatever government of the location you find yourself right in.

As said above, security is very important in today’s world considering the over-congestion of the Internet. We all have to surf the Internet securely. The exchange of data and information which takes place within the VPN server is usually securely encrypted which makes your identity secure while you surf the Web.

Affordability too should be considered

Although these services are free to use, the reality is that most free services usually have limitations that affect how well they can deliver. So I’m putting this because it’s essential. Paying for secured surfing of the Internet isn’t a problem to some but getting billed a whole lot of cash might not be fair to others.

Most VPN services aren’t too expensive to use but then they also offer the very best quality service which makes them more interesting. With that said, some countries of the world had banned the use and sales of VPN applications and devices because of Internet censorship. This might be another thing to consider when you want to get one. You should at least know if the law of your country or state forbids or disprove the usage of a VPN service to surf the Internet.

There are the best free VPN applications out there for Android users in 2021 as they’re really great for masking your identity while surfing cyberspace successfully because there are some websites or networks that store your information online. This information can be sent to the government or basically used to exploit you over time. A good VPN service that masks your network keeps your IP address safe while pushing the virtual IP address of the VPN provider. In 2021, there have been lots of VPN services online that all promise to be as good as possible. We’ve tested lots of them and have realized which one is better and which one isn’t. So below are the segmentation of vest VPN services and applications based on platforms and operating systems.

Anyway, enough of the preaching and let’s get to the list already, shall we.

Best free VPN services for Android users in 2021

Browsec: FREE & Unlimited VPN

Browsec VPN

Browsec made it to this list because of the limitless service provided to users who opt for it. First of all, it’s entirely free to use (though you can pay some fee to upgrade to their premium package) and secondly, it performs just as stated by the app developer.

While it’s being used by millions across the web, it’s also got more than 4-star reviews out of 5 which definitely puts it on very good ground among other interesting free Android VPN applications in 2021.

If you want to surf the web securely without any intrusion from third-party tracking services and social networks, then being able to reroute your network system to whatever location you might want is a good start which is part of what makes the Browsec a true and legitimate VPN application for Android users in 2021.

Speaking of privacy, you’re able to indefinitely hide your IP address and get maximum protection using the Browsec server in the cloud. Hiding your IP address also makes it easy for you to route your network to any region using their free proxy networks which include endpoints in the US, the Netherlands, and Singapore. They also promised more free endpoints in the near future which will give their users far more advantage over the rest.

What I like about Browsec Free VPN

The fact that they have an entirely free service which you can opt for or just switch to the premium package for really less is one of the most interesting things about Browsec. But then there are other cool features that also make them stand out and that is their privacy-focused approach to internet usage.

With secured network access comes safety from the prying eyes of big social network companies and data-hungry services such as Google, Facebook, and the rest in the industry.

What I dislike about Browsec Free VPN

While users get to switch between the free and the paid version of the service, there are still some glitches you might encounter in the process. I’d prefer they basically have an entirely different application built and called “Browsec Premium VPN”. Also with the term “Free” what does it mean?

Their limited number of virtual proxy networks for free users is just too little and the regions aren’t very popular among internet users which might just render it useless most of the time.

Get Browsec

VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy Master

This is definitely one of my favorite on the list because of the incredible feature it has to offer. From my UI/UX design background, the intuitive user interface of this application and the oversimplification in terms of its operation make the application extremely useful and cool.

There are no clutters or unwanted buttons stagnating your views and the unique design makes this a really useful application but that’s not where its prowess stops. Being a free VPN service, VPN Proxy Master offers some pretty cool add-ons to your browsing experience altogether.

Take, for example, they have secure and unlimited access to different top sites and services across the internet and with the speedy connection of course. They have servers in different regions across the globe including fast VPN server in North Africa all which is meant to enhance your experience as you surf through their private network all which keeps your privacy intact through the internet.

What I like about VPN Proxy Master

The fact that they have a fast delivery network in multiple regions across the globe and allow you a virtual proxy to mask your IP address is a good head start. But then they also offer some other pretty cool features which make their service fascinating overall such as:

  1. Anonymous Connection: Which gets you connected under their secured servers to protect user’s privacy even under public Wi-Fi which is a good thing. They also offer military-grade anonymous protection using their AES 128-bit encryption.
  2. Access websites: VPN Proxy Master will bypass regional restrictions to unblock worldwide websites and apps. You can browse your favorite content, search for any information and chat with your friends on social media anytime, anywhere so you won’t be restricted to just the Netflix of your region but can surf that of other regions as well.
  3. Fast network: What will be the essence of using a VPN if the service isn’t fast but believe it, they got it covered.

What I dislike about VPN Proxy Master

Even though they promise so much and managed to deliver in most areas, they still fail in some crucial parts partly due to the fact that the VPN service is free to use by many that in turn slows down their service sometimes – not often though but some crucial moments when you don’t expect.

There are moments of glitches as well when you think you’re connected and secured only to check your IP location and realize you’re still not being connected or routed through their network system. That can be pretty annoying and daunting sometimes.

Get VPN Proxy Master

Snap VPN

Snap VPN

Another freemium VPN service to try out in 2021 for Android users is the Snap VPN which is also one of my favorite. First of all, I like the catchy name because “Snap” is easier to remember and it meant “Speed” if that’s what they meant but hear me out, this VPN is also cool and has a pretty intuitive user interface that makes it far much easier to use than many you’ll come across on the internet today.

With 4.5 stars rating out of 5 stars from more than 500K users across the board, that makes this a really reliable service.

While Snap VPN is entirely free or at least that is what they claim, you also have the chance of purchasing some premium features if that’s your thing but for the purpose of this post, we’ll be focusing mainly on the free part of things.

What I like about Snap VPN

They offer a virtual proxy service to you which allows you to bypass geo-restrictions when surfing the web. You also get your network encrypted and without limitation because that’s what we’re expecting a VPN service provider to do right?

So video streaming, gaming, and so forth can always go easy and breezy using this network and that’s what you get with their geo-restriction bypass which gets you routed to any location in the world with the tap of a button.

Snap VPN is an ultra-fast speed VPN! It will automatically detect your location and connect you to the nearest server. Therefore, your connection will be much faster than other VPN providers or proxy providers. Snap VPN has over 100,000 IP addresses for more than 2000 VPN servers in over 100 countries, so it makes the speed so fast and you can surf online stable with the lowest disconnection.

What I dislike about Snap VPN

Just like any other freemium service, there are always some unprecedented limitations that you’ll have to bear in mind. Also, there are usually situations whereby you just don’t get what you clicked on which is the situation whereby you click on a location but realized that you’re not be routed to that geo-location which in turn hurt your geo-restriction bypass.

Get Snap VPN

Gecko VPN

Gecko VPN

Yeah like Wall Gecko – Gecko VPN is a pretty decent and free VPN application for Android users to try in 2021 as it offers some pretty basic features which you can get with the click of a button. I won’t go on babbling about how cool their user interface is once again because I’m a UX designer but the truth is that it’s pretty good-looking.

First of all, this isn’t entirely free and when I tried it out myself, it was pretty evident because there were ads laced around the user interface which can be pretty annoying but that’s what you get with free stuff however, that doesn’t deter the functionality of the Gecko VPN service in any sense.

With a 4.5/5 stars rating from some 45,138 users, that number might not be too big but I usually like to go with the little numbers sometimes especially as far as VPN service is concerned because the lesser the traffic going through the virtual server, the faster unlike those with millions of users.

Gecko VPN can be used by anyone in any situation such as when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi network in hotels or wherever you might be and you can also bypass ISP in whatever region you are. I mean what if you need to do some uploading to Instagram while you’re in China considering the fact that you’re only limited to Weibo or WeChat in the far East region so Gecko VPN is to the rescue.

What I like about Gecko VPN

I like the fact that it’s not crowded compared to the rest on this list just because it’s free. And even though you might have to endure some unnecessary ads popping up here and there once in a while, you still get the value you which includes being private and being anonymous as you surf through the internet which is a good thing in itself.

What I dislike about Gecko VPN

My biggest fear is that Gecko VPN might just varnish off the internet just like CM VPN which disappeared suddenly or probably pulled down by Google or they just rebranded or whatever it is. The point is that sometimes these freemium brands just can’t maintain the service because they obviously need to pay for the service they use and their employees and that is why freemium aren’t always the best or reliable forever at least in my experience.

Get Gecko VPN


TunnelBear VPN

I prefer TunnelBear’s approach to this freemium of a thing because they offer you to either pick their freemium or pay for their premium which means no Google ads popping up and disturbing your experience on the system. When I tried the TunnelBear app on my Android phone, it did as promised which is definitely one of the coolest things I love about the service and that is why I’d recommend this for anyone that is looking to protect their internet presence in this unsecured web age we’re in.

TunnelBear also has a whopping 4.3/5 stars from 246,552 users which is a lot of users compared to the Gecko VPN mentioned above and that will give you some glimpse into the number of satisfied users who have tried the service and find it to be okay by them.

They also claim to have a huge 45 million users on their network which is a really huge number and that can give you some security that they’re probably not going away just soon so you can opt for their service against others.

What I like about TunnelBear VPN

The fact that you are given the option to either pick from their freemium or premium service is a big deal and that you don’t get cluttered with unnecessary Google ads all over the place is yet another cool thing but then they got rated as number 1 VPN in 2020 by Wirecutter which makes it cool (Even though they didn’t make it to our list) but let’s keep the positive energy alive.

What II dislike about TunnelBear VPN

There is nothing absurd about the TunnelBear VPN because they obviously offer some top-notch service which is a good thing so enjoy it.

Get TunnelBear VPN

Turbo VPN Lite

Turbo VPN

Turbo translates to speed and that is exactly what you’ll be getting with this VPN service. It’s definitely one of the best and free VPN app for android in 2021 which is why you should also try it out as well. It offers the 100% data encryption needed to keep your internet presence well secured without any glitch.

Also in terms of numbers, Turbo VPN Lite has a whopping 4.6/5 stars rating from some 319,472 users which is a pretty decent number of ratings. One thing I noticed when I used this service is the fact that you get a 100% stable connection when connected so you can rest assured that your connection is well secured so far your data network or Wi-Fi is connected.

The app is also very small so you don’t have to worry about the space it’ll take on your device. The majority of the operations happen in the cloud in their server so it’s 100% well routed and secured with no known issue or glitches whatsoever.

What I like about Turbo VPN

It’s pretty fast believe that and their geo-bypass is 100% functional. You also get to route through numerous virtual proxy networks across the internet which can get you access to whatever location of your choice to access content from and stay anonymous on the internet without any interference from your ISP or even big tech companies like Google and the likes.

What I dislike about Turbo VPN

It contains ads and I didn’t realize that quickly when I first launched the app until I saw one pop up and had to check back on the Play Store prompting me to roll my eyes. So if that’s not a big deal to you by any means, then you can rest assured that you’ll get 100% cool service but the annoying ads aren’t so pleasing.

Get Turbo VPN

Snap Master VPN

Snap Master VPN

No, it’s different from the aforementioned Snap VPN but it’s also a pretty fast and speedy VPN network you can try out in 2021 on your Android device all for free considering the innumerable perks you get using this service. First of all, the speed is outstanding and then you also get other perks which obviously is why you opted to use a VPN in the first place right.

Your data is secured by the Snap Master VPN server which is said to be located in North Africa and that protects you 100% from cyber theft and snoopers especially search bots and data harvesters that might steal your credentials off the internet.

They also claim to offer military-grade protection for your online security which I wouldn’t know how true that is but users of the service have testified to the service to be interesting with a whopping 4.6/5 stars rating from some 1,903,815  users across the internet which is definitely a lot of reviews and users.

What I like about Snap Master VPN

Their no-log policy is a good thing to have and their routing system for virtual proxy networks is yet another pretty cool feature. You can also stream music pretty fast or even videos but for real, most of that still depends on your own local network provider’s speed but the optimization you get with the Snap Master VPN connection makes things even much more interesting.

Access blocked websites and apps. Enjoy the internet with no restrictions. You can choose from a wide range of VPN servers which is yet another plus from me and why I’d recommend anyone try this out.

What I dislike about the Snap master VPN

Ads are m number one turn off and again this service is used by millions for free which means their freemium server might get cluttered with traffic sometimes and that can, in turn, slow things down for you. But they also offer speedy options which are when you upgrade to their premium service.

Get Snap Master VPN


Best free VPN app for Android device Thunder VPN

The next on the list is Thunder VPN and don’t be disappointed it made it to the list because it is really a great free VPN service for Android users. Okay, maybe a little hype of the application might intrigue you a bit right. There are more than 10 million downloads with thousands of reviews who gave the application 4.5 stars out of 5 which is a really big milestone for the company.

Okay enough of the hype and back to reality. The Thunder VPN is a really interesting free VPN service for Android users in 2021 and comes with lots of advantages which makes it very ideal for surfing the web securely. While VPNs are just meant to mask out your real self from being hacked as well as securing your data from being hacked by dark-hat hackers, The Thunder VPN also comes with different features that make it even more fun to use for anyone.

Thunder VPN is built with global networks which means you can securely route your IP Address to anywhere around the world and pretend to be there virtually which just like CM VPN be able to access information that belongs to that region such as being in China and being able to visit YouTube.

What I like about Thunder VPN

Based on my experience comes some really great parts of the Thunder VPN service which includes the speedy connection as that is one essential thing that really pulled me towards the service. Other interesting factors of Thunder VPN include the following:

  1. It works seamlessly no matter the data carrier you’re using be it 4G or LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G.
  2. You’re able to select the server where you’d like the connection to be routed from
  3. The application is well built and very simplistic offering an easy to navigate options
  4. They do not allow logging and that is a cool thing which is a means of keeping you well secured from your data being stolen by cybercriminals.
  5. The last but not the least is that they offer you a limitless usage of the service unlike some that have time and number of data to be used per day.

What I dislike about Thunder VPN

As an aspiring internet entrepreneur myself, I shouldn’t be making this complaint but I just don’t like ads at all but anyway, they’re not so intrusive on the Thunder VPN mobile application user interface. But you are required to pay some small bucks to take off the ads as well as remove some little limitations.

But aside from that, I don’t think there is anything really wrong with Thunder VPN as the service is super fast and the connection is very secured and routing takes place instantly. So it’s a big thumbs up from me and I’d rate Thunder VPN 80% over 100%


Best free VPN service for Android device in 2020

Though their logo is designed to mimic the other popular “Hub” which we all know…. this time around, this “Hub” is a completely different one entirely but let’s face it, VPN Hub is a really nice service offering absolutely free VPN service to Android smartphone users.

While the name is now being changed to just VPN may be so as to not infringe the “Hub” LOL…Okay, I’ll stop mentioning it for the last time please forgive me. But anyway, I basically don’t know what to call the application unless I reference the name to the developer’s brand name which is VPN Master LLC.

With the little intro out of the way, one thing that made this service outstanding as well as the fact that the company behind it believes in a truly free internet which is why the service is offered completely free of charge but you’ll have to deal with little ads here and there and if you ask me to recommend you the best free and unlimited VPN app for android in 2021, here you go. Below is my experience during my time with VPN by VPN Master LLC.

What I like about VPN by VPN Master

Ultimate VPN is an unlimited, fast and secure Internet privacy and security VPN app for Android. Whether you are looking for a secure VPN on public WiFi Hotspot or a fast VPN for your Netflix show, you can get it all with Ultimate VPN.

I mentioned affordability above the other time and yeah they offer an affordable monthly subscription if you want to take things to the next level and secure a good spot on the web where you can safely surf without getting your data compromised by cybercriminals.

They also use L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec all in one which are the best protocols for a more efficient IP masking, speed, and secured connection at all times. Sincerely, I enjoyed my time with the VPN application and it’s why I would recommend it to anyone who wants something as such.

What I dislike about VPN by VPN Master

Aside from the good offering the service gives you, there are some downsides just as other services here have their faults as well. But one thing I found to be the elephant in the room is how long it takes to get your entire smartphone network to be secured and encrypted which usually takes some moments so if you’re patient, it might not be a problem for you but I love speedy things.

That said, VPN by VPN Master is a really great service I’d also recommend to anyone who wants to experience the internet in another dimension which is maximum security as well as being able to anonymously surf the web is all a good feeling.


Another cool service is GOVPN which is one o the best free VPN app for Android phones in 2021 and they offer really great service to anyone all for free which is the perk of the service. Why I’d recommend this for anyone seeking to have a secured internet connection is basically due to their offering of unlimited connection despite being a free service.

One thing I found to be interesting about the GOVPN is the basic design of their application which is very minimalist allowing you to connect to whichever location of your choice with just a single tap of a button. So those Chinese spying on your internet usage is now over and you can be rest assured Google, Facebook, or any data-hungry service won’t be harvesting your data and information any longer as it’s wells secured through the GoVPN connection.

So next time you pay a visit to the local cafe, ensure to turn on the GOVPN as it will ensure your data safety 100% and will let you browse any location virtually through the internet making you seem as though you are there physically something which big VPN services excel in. One other thing I love about the GOVPN is that it’s 100% free for real. They’re not going to require you to pay any hidden cost or fee and the complete usage isn’t logged anywhere so you’re basically browsing in an advanced incognito mode that has no data logging whatsoever.

Why I like GOVPN

If anything makes the GOVPN amazing, it’s the fact that you can securely use it to surf social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and other services while securely connecting without the fear of being seen by these companies’ bots.

Google Ad bot is very notorious for always following you everywhere you go and then recommending you with things to buy afterward which can be like stalking and not many people like to be stalked just as we hate it in reality. With that said, this service basically just turns you into a ghost and that’s it.

Another thing is it gets you through places where some services are blocked such as China where YouTube and Facebook are blocked with that, you can basically just virtually route your proxy to the US and access those sites from China which is just cool as you can see.

What I don’t like about GOVPN

While the service is really great, one shortcoming is the speed sometimes which might be slow but that’s not often. I guess that’s due to the network being free and since it’s not possible to upgrade to a more premium account, you’re stuck with hundreds of thousands of others like you who want to surf the web securely.


BEST free Android VPN 2020

The next big thing on my list today is Super VPN which offers the best free and unlimited PN service for android users to access their well-encrypted proxy network for Android devices. Super VPN is especially good for those that want a simple to use VPN application and best of all is that it’s free though there is an option to upgrade to a paid version which will take out ads and offer you even a stealthy cyber experience altogether which is just the right experience this time.

Aside from being a blazing fast internet provides, another thing I found to be intriguing about Super VPN is that they get you across numerous servers which are located around the world and that’s where you can easily access their network limitless and while that will make you happy, the primary hurdle that Super VPN tackles are security and that anonymous status that you crave. The service is so secured that it has some multi-layer security making it even easier for you to go on any network of your choice and get through without being noticed.

Usage of social media services such a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Snapchat, or even Netflix are all encrypted so you don’t have to be scared that these data-hungry sites are going to harvest your information. And don’t be scared China or the government of your country will be spying on you.

What I like about Super VPN

  1. The service offer a super fast connection to the internet and their connection is just one click
  2. I particularly love the User interface of the application as a Designer myself, It’s very fascinating and attractive
  3. They have different VPN for numerous countries such as Japan, United States, Germany, India, Singapore, United Kingdom and so on
  4. You can expect zero lag when playing online games like PUBG and don’t worry you’re well secured on their server

What I don’t like about Super VPN

While Super VPN has so many to offer, it might be hard to find something but yeah, I always have something I don’t like and that is the server can be slow sometimes YEAH! I’d advise you to opt for the paid version if you’re going to be using this for your business because the free one might not just be enough for a serial entrepreneur


Best Free VPN for Android 2020

Another free and unlimited Android VPN application in 2021 is the BetterNet VPN which offers an absolutely breezy fast network for any Android lover. The BetterNet VPN free application made it to my top 10 because of the kind of blazing-fast connection they offer. I particularly love this network because they use varieties of layered protocols to ensure your safety while surfing through the web.

With BetterNet VPN, you don’t need to install another Browser with incognito functionality because the browser offer this feature and it just encrypts the entire network on your smartphone no matter the network you’re using be it Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, or 3G. While 5G is still not here yet, BetterNet VPN is really my go-to during my time of using the software.

Things I like about BetterNet VPN

There are three main things interesting about BetterNet VPN which are

  1. The traffic from your Android phone are well encrypted which means you don’t need to worry about which application you use be it social networking app or a browser and even an online game because all gets encrypted.
  2. The have a location Spoofer just as many on the list and therefore secure your IP address and route you to any location giving you access to that location with ease and so you don’t need to worry about accessing US Based content while you’re in North Korea except you have no business going to North Korea in the first place.
  3. Wi-FI safety is another big issue as using public Wi-Fi can be a bad idea without using  secured VPN connection but BetterNet VPN get you through that hurdle so no matter where you are, you’ll be well protected.

Things I don’t like about BetterNet VPN

Did I mention to you that BetterNet VPN has more than 50 Million downloads on Google Play Store with a 4.2 out of 5-star rating you might wonder what else would make me dislike some part of the VPN service but being a free VPN service, BetterNet VPN comes with its own downside which is speed sometimes not often though but sometimes, it’s just not performing well enough that I’d need to turn it off and restart it after a while before the server gains it’s sense back. But anything else, the service is fine. from CloudFlare

Bets Free VPN for Android 2020

The next on my list of best free VPN apps for Android users in 2021 is From Cloudflare….yeah, the popular Cloudflare which encrypts and speed up websites if you own one, you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you don’t then no worries. is a super basic application whose primary goal is to secure your internet connection and speed up your connection. The application stops those snooping through your data elsewhere and block access through secured proxy networks.

One other thing fascinating about the w/WARP is that the application adds up its control system to your notification center in Android so it can be turned on with ease directly by merely swiping down the notification center on Android so you don’t need to be looking about for the installed application whenever you want to use it which is a really great thing to consider.

Another important thing this service takes out of the way is that it eliminates all lags and leaks through to your data. The network is always about speed and security and they really deliver well in this respect and you wonder why more than 10 million people have the application installed on their device including me.

What I like about from Cloudflare

The user interface is super basic and doesn’t require you to pick up a manual or tutorial just to use the application. Just with a single tap of a button and you’re fine. Another interesting thing I found about the application is that it embeds into your Android ecosystem well enough so it doesn’t get killed off due to power saver because it doesn’t consume your device’s battery unlike other free Android VPN applications out there

What I don’t like about from Cloudflare

While there is much to love about the service, there is also one thing I found lacking which is the location spoofer. The primary feature is to secure your Android mobile network connection and so you can just partner up the application with another VPN application for location spoofing just like I did.



Best free VPN For Android 2020

Hotspot shield is one of the best and free VPN services or Android devices even in 2021 and I’ve used it on my PC and that’s quite a long time ago. The company isn’t new in the business and so they’ve been securing the internet for more than a decade now. The service is great for location spoofing and access to any website be it blocked or just location-based.

Being a cross-platform application makes Hotspot shield a really great option for those who want to be able to have both their smartphone and computer well encrypted. Hotspot shield also offers well stable network access as well as layered encryption which basically makes you anonymous while you surf through the internet.

In one single click, you can encrypt the entire traffic going out and coming in onto your Android smartphone. There is also a premium version just in case you want to take things to a whole newer level which will, in turn, secure your usage of the service even far better than you’d anticipate. But that’s enough from me, take a try today and you’ll be surprised how cool this is.

What I like about Hotspot shield

The fact that the platform is cross-platform means that you can just sign up for a premium account and use it everywhere on your computer or mobile phone. Also, they have numerous locations even for the free account and the connection is very fast. And if you don’t want to install the main app, they have a lighter version that is smaller and simpler to use.

What I don’t like about Hotspot shield

Aside from being a good service, I don’t like the fact that sometimes it runs out…oh it’s because you’re limited so the model is just to bring you to sign up for their premium account while you have a very limited experience with the free version which is good though but at least, they could do better than that from my point of view.

Get Hotspot Shield


Best free Android VPN 2020

Although the name might be weird to pronounce “VPN Inf” but who cares, you’re reading this right? Okay, but the truth is that the service is one of the very best I’ve tried out myself. When I used BetterNet VPN, I needed something different and newer so I gave this a try and it did very well enough to the point where I realized it was just the perfect replacement.

While it had its own downside as well, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have bigger advantages over the disadvantages of being among a list of the best free VPN apps for Android smartphones in 2021. Security being the primary reason for using VPN Inf is just as I thought it would be. Also, the intuitive user interface isn’t bad from a product designer’s point of view and another interesting thing I found about the application includes the number of locations they allow you to spoof as well as innumerable networks you can access.

Whether you live in a well-censored country or you just think Google and Facebook and the CIA are performing a joint task of spying on you (LOL) hypothetically! You can rest assured that this service will ensure your complete safety but do not forget that it’s speedy as well and that’s one fascinating thing about VPN Inf….speed.

What I like about VPN Inf

Speed and the single click-to-connect feature as well as the ability to change my location to wherever I so want. While I never tried the premium subscription of VPN Inf, the free version did a lot of encryption and kept me well-secured during my little time using the service sincerely.

What I dislike about VPN Inf

The service is good and fast but sometimes, it gets killed off by Android I guess Android doesn’t see it as a crucial application, or for whatever reason, compared to, VPN Inf sometimes can be a serious annoyance.


VPN Robot

Best free Android VPN 2020

ROBO-VPN as I like to call it, VPN Robot offers an interesting service that is top notch for anyone seeking to have a taste of what better the internet can be without the fear of being spied on. Aside from being a fast service with good layers of security and encryption, another interesting thing is that you can route through hundreds of countries based on their innumerable servers in more than 2,410 locations worldwide which is a really good thing to know.

VPN Robot also has a paid version which is just very affordable and that makes things more serious and encryption is taken to a newer level. They offer VPN Proxy Cloud servers in different locations such as India, the US, Bulgaria, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Germany, France, and other big countries around the world including The United Kingdom.

What I like about VPN Robot

While there is nothing much to talk about on this service, the fact remains that VPN Robot can be used by those that wants to be more serious about the security of their connection as well as escape from spying and so forth. I particularly like the simple and intuitive user experience which is just fast and easy to go about.

What I dislike about VPN Robot

The next thing is that VPN Robot can let you down sometimes and though they have a good 4.2/5 star rating with 10 million+ downloads, there are still some glitches here and there that make the service lagging or just plainly stop functioning.

Get VPN Robot

There are much more to be added to the list subsequently but these are the top 10 and my current favorite Best free Android VPN 2021 which you can get 100% experience which is just right if you really want a well-secured layer in order to keep your internet experience well secured enough. I’ll keep updating the list with more applications based on my experience and whichever I find to be amazing will be added to the list.

Let’s know your experience in the comment section below and tell us what you experienced while using any of the aforementioned services.