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Biola Kay

An avid tech master in the heart of Africa. Kay is a constant tech contributor on Brumpost where he narrates the latest happenings in the tech space within the African continent from an African's point of view. You can learn more about Gadget hacks and How-to Fix your appliances, He also writes about Gadget hacks and How-to Fix your appliances.
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The simplest ways how to make your small business appear bigger than it is

Having a good reputation is very important for every small business going against the big players who have all the

By Biola Kay 8 Min Read

How to scale your small business in 2023

The majority of start-ups die before their first-year anniversary because they cannot scale efficiently. There are a lot of reasons

By Biola Kay 10 Min Read

The hacker behind the massive T-Mobile data breach has revealed himself

While he also called the carrier's security practices as being awful

By Biola Kay 4 Min Read

Shenzhen government will not meddle with Made in China, sold on Amazon merchants over dispute with the US company

Amazon has started cracking down on merchants who pay people for reviews and inflate their sales numbers on its marketplace

By Biola Kay 4 Min Read

How to cancel payment on Zelle when you transfer to the wrong person

Always ensure you cross-check your recipient's info before clicking the Send button

By Biola Kay 3 Min Read

Research firm Bishop Fox finds vulnerabilities in Wodify gym management web app used with CrossFit

Wodify has refused to release a patch to these vulnerabilities according to the cybersecurity research firm, Bishop Fox

By Biola Kay 7 Min Read

Why you should update to the new PrintNightmare patch to avoid being hacked

Updating to the new patch doesn't guarantee a 100% protection but gives you a boost

By Biola Kay 3 Min Read

The Windows PrintNightmare is the new route of attacks by ransomware groups according to studies

To stay on the safe side, it'll be a great idea to patch your systems as fast as possible

By Biola Kay 5 Min Read

AliBaba Group hit with a record US$2.8 B fine by Chinese regulators

This makes it the biggest fine against a private organization in the country after the 2015 fine against Qualcomm

By Biola Kay 4 Min Read

Is the internet the right starting point for your business?

With billions of data sent and processed everyday via the internet, is it the right starting point for your business

By Biola Kay 15 Min Read

Here’s why you shouldn’t quit your 9 to 5 job just yet

You might have had the notion of quitting your day job after all, who wants to continue working for others

By Biola Kay 12 Min Read

How to be a better boss to remote workers against all odds

Loneliness and being overwhelmed with virtual video conference meetings are things business leaders needs to know despite workers preferring to

By Biola Kay 10 Min Read


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