Alfred Dune

Alfred Dune is a big car enthusiast who happens to be a senior tech reporter at TirePost. His expertise in the industry span over two decades and he continuously narrate stories from the automotive industry effectively

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Tesla Autopilot Found Safe by Jury in First Crash-Related Trial

Even hough the company has been criticized by many over its self-driving

By Alfred Dune 4 Min Read

Tesla’s Q1 Margins Hit Three-Year Low Amidst Price Cuts and Rising Competition

The company is experiencing a little bit of a dip

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

This Audi e-bike probably costs more than your car

At about US$9,000, you'll be getting a very speedy e-bike with lots

By Alfred Dune 2 Min Read

Ford to continue the production of its F-150 Lightning eTruck next week

Production of the electric truck came to a halt due to battery

By Alfred Dune 2 Min Read

Zinc Venture was announced in the UK as an affordable e-scooter anyone can buy

Come with some high-end specifications that make it fascinating for anyone that

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi EV spotted ahead of 2024’s projected mass production

The company first announced its ambition to enter into the EV market

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Afeela is the new EV jointly developed by Sony and Hona

The Consumer Electronics Shows or CES 2023 started this week and there

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Apple snaps up a key Lamborghini executive to join its Car project

Despite being plagued with a lot of issues and setbacks, the Apple

By Alfred Dune 5 Min Read

Toyota collaborates with Suzuki to produce hybrid cars in India

Though criticized for being slow to the EV market, Toyota has argued

By Alfred Dune 4 Min Read

In Europe, the sales of self-charging plug-in hybrid cars have overtaken Diesel-powered cars

Plug-in hybrids which has a back-up combustion engines are seen as a

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

GM planning to launch more EVs at the expense of profits

The automaker despite facing series of challenges is planning to up its

By Alfred Dune 6 Min Read
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MacBook Pro 2021 is going to be the perfect gaming and editing computer

It comes with a better display, 120Hz high refresh rate, lots of RAM, lots of ports and a notch

13 Min Read
Avengers Endgame might be the biggest Superhero Movie Ever made according to social media

The upcoming movie had received positive vibe from fans and lovers all over the cyber space. With the final part

1 Min Read
New Galaxy S20 Series render leaked as well as presumed price-tag

Colors, naming and camera specifications among other important leaks

4 Min Read
UK began the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine roll out en masse

Despite criticism from the European Union, Britain proceeded with its mass vaccination this week with a 90-year-old grandmother being the

7 Min Read
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