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Alfred Dune is a big car enthusiast who happens to be a senior tech reporter at TirePost. His expertise in the industry span over two decades and he continuously narrate stories from the automotive industry effectively
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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi EV spotted ahead of 2024’s projected mass production

The company first announced its ambition to enter into the EV market back in 2021 while projecting 2024 as the

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Afeela is the new EV jointly developed by Sony and Hona

Pre-orders of the vehicle is expected to start as soon as 2025 with delivery expected to be made the following

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

Apple snaps up a key Lamborghini executive to join its Car project

Despite being plagued with a lot of issues and setbacks, the Apple Car project seems to have a bright future

By Alfred Dune 5 Min Read

Toyota collaborates with Suzuki to produce hybrid cars in India

Though criticized for being slow to the EV market, Toyota has argued that most markets don't have the infrastructure to

By Alfred Dune 4 Min Read

In Europe, the sales of self-charging plug-in hybrid cars have overtaken Diesel-powered cars

Plug-in hybrids which has a back-up combustion engines are seen as a gateway to fully-electric cars

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read

GM planning to launch more EVs at the expense of profits

The automaker despite facing series of challenges is planning to up its game in the competitve EV market over the

By Alfred Dune 6 Min Read

Autonomous Car Companies are cruising past U.S. Regulators

Big EV makers and AV tech companies are on the verge of making their robotaxis commercial

By Alfred Dune 8 Min Read

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a futuristic car with an amazing range

At the CES 2022, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its concept car, the amazing Vision EQXX which is expected to beat existing ultra-long

By Alfred Dune 4 Min Read

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a solar-powered ultra-long-range concept EV with futuristic aesthetics

The concept EV boasts an excessive 658 miles range on a single charge

By Alfred Dune 8 Min Read

Tesla bumps the price of its Model Y and Model 3 in China

The price hike affects the base version of the EV models

By Alfred Dune 2 Min Read

AMD-Powered MCU3 deployed to newest Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in North America

The inclusion of the new system is meant to enhance the user experience of the new cars built by Dec.

By Alfred Dune 3 Min Read


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