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“FOSSiBOT F102: The Ultimate Rugged Smartphone’s Price, Specs & Availability

Discover the FOSSiBOT F102, a game-changing rugged smartphone designed for outdoor adventurers…

5 Cool Rugged Smartphones deals you shouldn’t miss today

All five devices have something in common and that is large batteries,…

The Ulefone Power Armor 13 is the ultimate rugged smartphone you need in 2021

This is a monstrous smartphone featuring everything you need and what you…

Cubot to release its KingKong 5 Pro Rugged smartphone with monstrous 8000mAh battery

Different smartphones have different purposes and one of purpose of rugged smartphones…

Best Rugged Smartphones in 2020: Armor 9, BV9900 Pro, S95 Pro and more

Here at Brumpost Bargainer, we actively recommend the usage of rugged smartphones…

The Ulefone Armor 7 is a “Ruggedly” great smartphone

When you think of Ulefone, you think of a rugged smartphone but…

By Ahmed

Best Smartphones in 2023 so far

We highlighted a list of the best smartphones you can get in…

By Ahmed

Best Samsung Smartphones in 2021

A complete list of all the best smartphones from the South Korean…

By Ahmed

Affordable smartphone bargains you shouldn’t miss today

Absolutely great smartphones at a relatively affordable price point

Best Premium Smartphones in 2021

What makes a best premium smartphone includes the interesting list of specifications…

By Ahmed
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