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Automattic which owns Tumblr and has purchased Pocket Casts

The future is podcast and Automattic can't wait to make more…

By Ahmed

If Your Website runs on WordPress, here are the top Backup plugins

Just about a week ago, FireEye which is one of America's biggest…

By Ahmed

WordPress websites step-by-step: The complete beginner’s guide to create a blog.

A simple guide for beginners who don't have any familiarity with WordPress

By Ahmed

Here is why your WordPress site will get hacked again and again

Since every software that exists has its own vulnerabilities, hackers are always…

By Ahmed

WordPress speed hacks and optimization solution

The need to optimize your wordpress website for mobile devices which in…

By Ahmed

How to protect WordPress website with maximum security

The security of your website is very important to your business. WordPress…

By Ahmed

Creating a blog from the beginning on WordPress isn’t as tough as it sounds

To create a website using WordPress especially for Beginners is no longer…

By Ahmed

Simplest steps on how to create a download website using WordPress

WordPress is ssurely a blogging tool but it's not limited to that…

By Ahmed

How to install WordPress on localhost server

Installing WordPress on a localhost server isn't that a big task so…

By Ahmed

Importance of Yoast SEO for better SERP Ranking – WordPress

Wordpress as we know it is a very powerful software for better…

By Ahmed

Must have WordPress plugins for beginners Bloggers in 2016

Wordpress is a very powerful software with a large amount of plugins…

By Ahmed

10 CMSs that rivals WordPress?

WordPress back in the 2004 was launched with the aims of being…

By Ahmed
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